11eyes Episode 9

December 2, 2009

The sight of Saiko’s lifeless body enrages Takahisa beyond the point of no return, and Misuzu finds herself powerless before Superbia’s true identity — the legendary Kusakabe Misao. The truth behind the Black Knights is revealed, but Kakeru and the others are battered and demoralized. The only one able to smile through all this is Yuka with her messed up thinking.I don’t think you can write “we’re screwed” any better than that. Things pick up immediately from the nurse’s office last time, with Takahisa in complete disbelief that Saiko’s dead. Yukiko holds off Superbia for a while, before Takahisa starts chasing her and attacking relentlessly. He completely destroys most of the town in the process, unaware that this Superbia is merely a decoy to get him to do so. Back at Misuzu’s estate, Shiori tests Kakeru’s abilities by attacking him and is pleased with the results, then tells him he’s the one who awakened the demons but is their “hope” in defeating them too. The real Superbia arrives outside not long after and reveals to Kakeru that they can exist in both worlds by using up their life force. Misuzu, who’s learned of the situation with Takahisa and Saiko, returns home with Kukuri after sensing Superbia’s enormous Ki. She arrives in time to help Kakeru by handing him Raikiri, but Superbia summons copies of the previously defeated Black Knights so that she can fight Misuzu alone. She also reveals her human form to her — Kusakabe Misao — and explains that she became a Black Knight to resist destruction and to protect Avaritia. Misuzu tries to take Misao head-on but quickly realizes their difference in power, backs off, and finds herself too afraid to move.

Meanwhile, Yukiko catches up to Takahisa and tries to convince him to stop attacking the Superbia illusion appearing before him. However, he finds himself unable to stop his killing urges and asks Yukiko to kill him before the fire demon within him takes over. Getting attacked herself and left with no options, Yukiko takes off her glasses and tries to stop him just as the Red Night starts. During this time, Shiori is surprised to see Kukuri and questions why she still exists, before heading inside to get Yuka to let Kakeru fight the Black Knights on his own. She guarantees that he’ll win even though the others’ safety is questionable, which Yuka’s messed up self is okay with. While the two of them sit down for some tea and discuss Yuka’s desire to have a fairy tale ending with Kakeru, the man himself is outside defeating each of the Black Knight copies. Misuzu on the hand is still unable to move before Misao, but manages to pull off an all-out attack when Kukuri arrives to help out. However, her chance quickly turns into more fear when Misao easily shatters both her Kashagiri Hiromitsu and Kannagiri Nagamitsu katanas, forcing Kakeru to jump in and protect her. Misao retreats after realizing that Kakeru’s drank Misuzu’s blood, but is content about destroying their “for friends and the future” bond.

The Red Night disperses and Shiori later explains how she’s a magician dispatched from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum organization, whose purpose is to destroy/seal away magic that brings calamity upon the world. Much to everyone’s surprise though, she reveals that the Black Knights are previously dispatched magicians from the same organization. Shiori adds that Misuzu should know more about Superbia, but she’s still trembling in fear over their enormous difference in power. Yukiko then walks in with blood all over and tells everyone that she killed Takahisa. Hearing this, Kakeru quickly realizes what Misao meant by destroying their bonds.

Yes you read that right, Yukiko tells everyone that she KILLED Takahisa. First Saiko, now Takahisa? We’re at a rate of a casualty per episode if this keeps up. If that’s not indication of the story nearing its climax, then I don’t know what is. With the revelation of the Black Knights as ex-Index Librorum Prohibitorum magicians, the question now is who Avaritia is in all this. As the leader of the Black Knights, his goal and the truth behind the Red Night undoubtedly coincide with one another.

That said, they have yet to clarify on the whole “fragment” business and how Kakeru’s Eye of Aeon is the catalyst in all this, but I’m pretty enthralled by everything they did reveal this episode. I’m sure they’ll revisit the matter on Kukuri’s forgotten past and her relation to Kakeru too, but I’m actually more interested in how Misuzu’s character has changed from strong and confident to frightened and powerless at this point. In contrast to this, Kakeru’s huge swing in power seems a bit sudden, as he took out all the Black Knight copies himself. Given how we’re quickly approaching the end of this 12 episode series though, I’m actually okay with this quick turnaround in his abilities. We just have to assume that the Kusakabe blood works really well, so if there’s a sign-up sheet to suck on Misuzu for a while… … >_>

Anyway, I’m a bit surprised Superbia can single-handedly disrupt the entire group this much after they finally formed their bonds. The deaths of Saiko and Takahisa probably shook their morale the hardest, but I imagine seeing their leader Misuzu trembling in fear doesn’t help either. I can just picture how things would’ve unfolded if they were faced with Superbia from the very beginning. We probably wouldn’t have had much of a story because everyone would’ve been killed already. In any case, I’d say all signs point to Kakeru taking charge of things now and leading like the male protagonist that he is.


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