Kampfer Episode 10

December 3, 2009

While I had considered the possibility that Shizuku’s been getting close to Natsuru to expose Kaede’s true nature, that doesn’t exactly appear to be the case. Instead, she’s earnestly attracted to him, which evil Kaede tries to exploit by manipulating Natsuru. In return for removing a nuisance of hers, Kaede promises to do anything for Natsuru.It turns out that Natsuru has no memory of what happens when he slips in and out of his normal consciousness, so he ends up doing Kaede’s bidding. However, things don’t go quite according to plan when Shizuku’s kiss frees Natsuru’s mind momentarily and she learns he’s only acting in accordance to Kaede’s orders. Thus ends their first sexual experience as Shizuku knocks out Natsuru.

Where things go from here with Kaede and her white Kampfer (who have that sexy off-the-shoulder yukata look going on) isn’t entirely clear but you can probably expect an all out clash in the near future. The preview indicates so anyway, with Natsuru looking like he’s going to end up on the wrong side of things. Going back to the possibility that Kaede’s being controlled or has some sort of split personality, I find it somewhat unlikely after seeing her tell Shizuku she should’ve thrown away her pride and just slept with Natsuru, then instantly switch back to her “innocent” self.

After the huge cliffhanger they left off on last week, I was dying to see what’s up with evil Kaede. Much to my surprise, they delivered in that regard admist a lot of other things going on. This includes Akane’s drowsy self mistaking Shizuku as Natsuru and pulling her in for a kiss, which our prez would’ve been okay with. Girl-on-girl lip-locking action? I’d be so down for that. Funny thing is, Akane is too after convincing herself that it would count as an indirect kiss with Natsuru. Thanks to Mikoto, all she got was Seppuku Kuro Usagi instead, who got some trash bin treatment for her troubles. To contrast the laughs, they had some pretty cute scenes with Shizuku admitting she’s never been proud of her looks and shying away. That was a pretty good way of getting Mikoto to stop saying Shizuku should go after better looking guys and leave a guy like Natsuru to her. According to Mikoto, she can’t afford to let her chances slip anymore than they already have. All Akane had to flaunt against the powerhouse prez’s kisses and the childhood friend’s memories is that Natsuru said she’s her type. As usual, pretty hilarious watching them fight over Natsuru.

Other than that, the public bath fan-service was completely unexpected but a very, very pleasant addition. Here’s to hoping for an excellent DVD release as Mikoto was confidently baring it all, Akane and her were giving us some tasteful ass shots, and Natsuru was getting stripped and groped (by Akane too!). The most absurd thing of all? The girls were fighting over letting Natsuru see them naked. Akane in particular wanted to step up after he turned down kissing her. If only she took the forceful Shizuku approach and shoved him over when they were alone together (annoying Messengers notwithstanding). Amazingly enough, the bath scene pales in comparison to Natsuru forcing himself upon Shizuku and her allowing it. She even gave a small whimper of pleasure after placing Naturu’s hand over her bare breast. That scene was pretty “classy” fan-service, but ended prematurely after Shizuku realized he was only acting on Kaede’s orders and stopped his advances. While somewhat disappointing, the producers were probably thinking ahead. The anime community probably couldn’t have handled Shizuku undoing her yukata there… oh wait, or is that me?


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