Kobato Episode 8

December 3, 2009

After finding an abandoned kitten, Kobato brings it back to her apartment building and shows it to Chise and Chiho. They take a liking to it, but they also know that they can’t have pets in the building, so Kobato decides to bring the kitten to the nursery. Unfortunately, they can’t keep the kitten at the nursery either because one of the kids has allergies.This begins a search by the girls to find a new owner for the kitten, but no one seems to want to take him. It’s only after a long day of searching that the girls come across the old woman, who Kobato had sung to before, waiting for them. She had heard about the kitten from Kiyokazu and is willing to take it in, so the girls hand the kitten over. Chise and Chiho are sad to see the kitten go, so Kobato sings for them the same song she sang for the old woman, and they’re asleep by the time she finishes. In the aftermath, Kobato goes to thank Kiyokazu for his help in finding the kitten a home, and she also discovers that she’s gained two more konpeitou.



  1. She needs a change of clothes or three and for god sake take off that stupid hat/hair ribbon. Whats it stuck to her head with? Duct tape or glue?!

    • Well actually.. Kobato is “homeless” for the most part. She only has a place to live thanks to Sayaka and Chitose.. So she kinda can’t have a tremendous amount of clothes and such. Also there are many theories about why she’s always wearing something on her head.

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