Darker than Black: Ryuusei No Gemini Episode 9

December 4, 2009

While on a train, Suou and July draw the attention of Kiko and her friend because Suou looks similar to an anime character. Since Suou is sick, they decide to take her and July in, and they clothe and feed the two. When Suou mentions wanting to go to Ikebukuro to find her mother, Kiko decides to bring her to Gai, and Gai takes the case after Suou presents him with the money that she’s saved up. Elsewhere in the city, Misaki has found a hidden message from Amber, and it leads her to the Mitaka documents which tell a story of Izanami and Izanagi and the consequences of them meeting. Her job is made harder though by the fact that her organization is hiding the location of Izanami from her and Genma. Gai meanwhile finds the spot where Suou’s mother took one of the photo’s in her book, and while he and the others are downstairs talking with the manager of the building, Suou looks at the gate wall through her camera.

To Suou’s surprise, an unfamiliar woman – Madame Oreille – suddenly appears and, knowing who Suou is, informs her that her mother is flying in that night to Haneda Airport. She also questions who Suou really wants to see, and while Suou is thinking about this, Madame Oreille disappears. Nevertheless, Suou tells Gai and Kiko about the new lead, and they take her to the airport. Also at the airport are Youko and Hazuki, and Youko gets lured away by Hei. Genma and Misaki have realized that something is up, and they arrive just in time to see Hei carrying an unconscious Youko away. Hei manages to get away from them and knocks out Hazuki in a brief battle, so he’s able to escape with Youko. Back inside the airport, Suou is reunited with her mother, and Gai and Kiko decide to leave since they’ve completed their job. Suou’s mother is happy to see her child, however she thinks that Suou is actually Shion. Suou waits until she’s in the car with her mother to tell her who she actually is, and this shocks her mother because she thinks Suou died eight years ago.


One comment

  1. Good Episode! It’s nice to see the old Hei back and as kick ass as ever but, I’m surprised that he didn’t have an extra mask. The moment I saw Suou’s mom’s expression, I could already guess that she thought Suou was dead but, the question now is why? Are they trying to hide Shion from the mom or did Suou really die. Hopefully the next ep. will explain that.

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