Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 23

December 4, 2009

Oh wow, now this is indeed more like it.!! Talk about an intriguing episodes after the somewhat boring past three episodes. This episode returned Umineko where it’s good at: mind-numbing mystery. How the heck are the creators going to write themselves out of this?The biggest question mark of this episode was obviously George becoming the demon king. While I have no idea what that meant, he now also has his own magical powers (a shield, which is something which he somehow learned from his mother, who I guess knows martial arts…), with which he pwned Gaap in this episode.

We still follow Ange as well, and the mystery gets yet another extra dimension: all of the children of the people who died on Rokkenjima received a key to a lot of cash, presumably the Ushinomiya family fortune. If it were just Ange who received it it would have made sense, but why did the son of Nanjo, who is totally not related to this case nor the headship of the Ushinomiya family, receive access to this fortune as well? Also, what was that thing that Ange saw in that plastic bag?

What also surprises me is that meta-Battler doesn’t make an appearance whatsoever in this episode. In this way, it becomes a bit tricky to see what Beatrice is planning with this incredibly elaborate set-up. I mean, if her goal is indeed just to keep the endless loop, couldn’t she simply show the first arc over and over? Something tells me that she’s really wanting Battler to acknowledge magic, and that this isn’t because of the job she received from Lambdadelta.

This also makes me very curious to see what Kinzou has in store for Battler and Maria. Battler will probably have the option to kill off Kyrie, while Maria just lost her mother. who is the one who is listed on her trial? On top of that, the two of them have a far weaker resolve than Jessica and George. Meta-Battler excluded, Battler has so far struck me as someone with a strong opinion, but also stubborn and not the most competent. To come with a comparison: Jessica doesn’t just talk about protecting her loved ones, she also acts upon it. Battler just talks. Now that I mention it, has he ever actually done anything significant?


  1. Very interesting episode, in both the clues given out in Ange’s side, and the extra insight into George & Jessica’s mindset.

  2. I thought it was interesting that the doctor was trying to calm down Kyrie. I mean, I understand that they’re all imprisoned, but Kyrie wasn’t even doing anything, she was just standing and glaring. I’m probably looking too far into it though.

  3. GREAT EPISODE! However…this is getting weirder and weirder by the minute.
    What the heck was George doing with a Shannon-like shield. And Jessica’s got Flame-Fists?

    • I interpreted that scene as magic is simply the power of determination and belief. Since Rokkenjima is thrown into the world of fantasy, their determination manifests itself as magical powers. In reality it’s probably Jessica/George struggling to stay alive against some unknown people. But Beatrice’s game board corruption makes it look like an epic fight with magic powers.

  4. Quite amusing episode! Next episode is gonna be pretty rushed, though. The part where Ronove popped up in front of Jessica had me falling out of my chair. God that Bro is awesome, and the nosebleed part never fails to make me lol. Also, badass George approved.

  5. It was a good episode really. I like the new music used for the fights. One thing for sure, the anime helped confirm a long suspected theory. That was a great example of the advantage of different medias. The whole thing with the bank vaults and letters as well should give anime-watchers something to think about ;D

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