To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Episode 10

December 5, 2009

While Saten and her friends are off enjoying their newly developed powers, Kuroko and Uiharu have their hands full dealing with all the other people who have used the Level Upper. Uiharu has been in contact with Kiyama Harumi, and she passes along the idea put forth by Kuroko and Mikoto that synesthesia is how the Level Upper works. While on her way to meet the scientist, Uiharu gets a phone call from Saten who is in shock after one of her friends had suddenly collapsed while using her powers. Saten confesses everything that she did with the Level Upper, and she blames herself for everything that’s happened. Hearing the shock and fear in her friend’s voice, Uiharu reassures her that things will be okay and that she personally will wake her up if something happens. Uiharu feels that, with or without an ability, Saten is still Saten and her friend. All of this makes Saten feel better, but by the time Uiharu arrives at her apartment, Saten is unconscious.

Uiharu ends up taking Saten to the hospital and leaving Mikoto and Kuroko to watch over their friend while she personally goes to see Kiyama. Mikoto in particular feels guilty about not being able to respond correctly during her last talk with Saten, and she wants to help out in the Level Upper investigation.

By chance, the two are approached by the frog-faced Heaven Canceler who has noticed that there’s been a common brainwave pattern in all the Level Upper victims so far, and he thinks this is what’s affecting them. Based on this, Kuroko and Mikoto return to their Judgment office and get Konori Mii’s help in searching the data banks for a match. In the process, they theorize that the Level Upper actually connects ability users in a sort of brain network, and joining such a network brings an improvement in performance. Their database search eventually gives them a hit too: Kiyama Harumi. At that very moment, Uiharu is in Kiyama’s office and notices a bunch of research on synesthesia even though the scientist had earlier claimed to have overlooked the subject. When Kiyama finds Uiharu snooping, she handcuffs her and takes her somewhere in her car.



  1. Great episode! There were hilarious parts, like Uiharu bandaging Kuroko, and how people stared at Uiharu in the street when she was talking to Saten.

  2. Pretty good ep. Seems like we finally see what is Kiyama is all about next week.

  3. So what exactly is Uiharu’s ability? Does she even have one? I kinda figured the scientist was the culprit, it made for a logical plot twist but what are her motives? Just to enhance her own power?

    • I think Uiharu’s powers have to do with vegetation or something. Those flowers are not normal on her.This must be a clue to why they are always in good health.

  4. Saten, what did you do? D:
    Oh well, this might work out sooner or later.

    I lol’d at Kuroko beating up the first level-upper user, “Another level upper user?” and looked kinda disappointed xD
    She didn’t have a funny day, it seems : p

  5. I don’t expect we will see Touma again in this arc. As the title of this show suggests, Mikoto should be the one who gets the job done from now on imo.

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