Aoi Bunkagaku Series Episode 9

December 8, 2009

So… according to intro,  the novel was created because of the author’s debt?  “Is it painful to wait or to be waited?”
A man, Osamu Dazai was waiting to call someone. She said his previous novel was popular. She suggested the title for the upcoming novel, called “Hashire, Meros”.He went to visit her, the person from the publishing company, in person. She said the due date is near, but she knows that he will be done on time because he writes fast.

He accepts and on the way back, he narrates that it’s easier for him to do as they requested (?). Even if he had something to write, he won’t lose job if he continue doing what he’s doing (do something that people requested). Even so, he doesn’t think he’s an unfortunate person. Or rather, there’s no way that a fortunate person can write a novel. He writes novel as he taste his misfortune.

He then began to write the novel. It’s a play. A big guy won a young guy, who said he’s going to save his village. The big guy laughed at him for a weakling wanting to save it. The king (the big guy?) punished the young guy (Meros). Wow, that author is being the narrator to the play, too, with harp! Meros said he’s going to accept the punishment, but he needs to attend his sister’s wedding, so he asked for three days. The king doesn’t believe it, but Meros said he will. He will leave his friend to him while he’s gone for three days, if he doesn’t come back, he allows the king to kill his friend.

The king believes that he’s lying and act as he believes Meros’s lie. After three days, if Meros doesn’t come back, he will surely kill his friend.

Conversation between Meros and his friend, who is in the jail. His friend believes in Meros that he will surely come back in three days. (with some BL moment…) His friend gave him his gold necklace, horse with A on it, and touched his face, told him to definitely come back.

Back to the author, who’s always dreaming (or something else) of night time and this time he’s shocked when train comes…

The king warned Meros once more before he leaves. He said he can come back late and keep his own life (hinting that his friend will die in his place). Meros is shocked (well, that kind of moved his thought).

The author is in the train, and the king appeared behind him when he’s watching outside. The king said if he treasures his own life, come back late.

He cannot be concentrated, so he went to wash his face?

He said that he had a friend in his home town, only one.

The setting moved to a snowy place where the author is looking over the script of Romeo. His friend, of course, is Romeo. lol~~ another BL moment. What? The author was doing Juliet? No wonder there’s BL moment where his friend got near him and almost kissed him! His friend cares about his novel, which he has no confident in getting the award. His friend said just write it to the end. His friend believes in him. Then there are many people came in to check on his friend.

He couldn’t reach to what his friend encouraged for, but he’s thankful for having a friend like him. He was bright because he’s under the sun.

Continue with past story, he wrote (even in the hot and noisy summer) and threw it away. Then his friend hit him and got what he threw. Even he didn’t know it was burned… Thanks to him, the author’s novel has been published in a magazine and received the award.

Back to present, he wondered why he remembered that now. It was 15 years ago. Why it has to suffer him to just remember about him. He already left everything and came to Tokyo alone.

Back to the play, Meros’s sister is glad to see her brother. She sensed there’s something bothering Meros. He gave her wedding dress and told her to tell everyone in the village. After the wedding, he said there’s something he needs to do, so he needs to leave soon (not telling her that he’s going to die). He doesn’t like to doubt and lie to people. He’s trusting his sister to his brother-in-law.

Meros wished he could stay in the village.

Back to the author’s past and he’s back from the rainy day and is reading. His friend shocked him by hiding under the bed and grabbed his leg! Actually, there’s something wrong and he sensed it. His friend is crying because he wants to leave the house and go to Tokyo. He was invited to go together where he writes script and he acts. That’s because as an only son, he doesn’t want to continue his family business. The author decided that if his friend is going, he’s going, too, even if it’s heaven or hell.

Meros’s monologue, he needs to run to fight against the king.

The train scene was part of past, it was because he rode the train without waiting for his friend, he had guilt because he betrayed him. He saw his friend from outside the window. He threw the clock? to him but missed.

Back in present, he thinks the story is all fake.


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