Kobato Episode 9

December 9, 2009

It’s summertime, and Kobato is interested in an upcoming festival. In the meantime, she happens to run into a girl named Natsuki and her friend Yukino. Because Natsuki lends her a handkerchief, Kobato gets involved in the two girls lives and learns of the growing distance between them. The two used to be really close, but Yukino has been spending more and more time on her photography. Kobato learns from Yukino that the two girls once went together to a summer festival and picked out cell phone straps for each other. Natsuki still has hers, but Yukino’s has changed hers out for one with a camera attached to the end. On the day that Yukino goes to buy a real camera, she runs into Natsuki, and Natsuki ends up saying some hurtful things. Seeing this, Kobato tries to talk to Yukino first, but Yukino doesn’t want to talk. When Kobato goes to see Natsuki, she finds the girl desperately searching for the cell phone strap because she thinks she’s lost it, and she regrets what she said earlier. Fortunately, Kobato is able to help her find the strap, and she has Natsuki send a picture showing that she still has it to Yukino. Yukino in turn reveals that she’s been wearing her strap around her neck this entire time, and the two girls reconcile and attend the summer festival together, thus earning Kobato two more konpeitou.


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