11eyes Episode 10

December 10, 2009

Slipping razor blades into Misuzu’s tea must be Yuka’s way of saying, “Die you stupid slut.” For all we know, it was probably poisoned too just for good measure. Does someone have to die here before we sound the yandere alarm? Yuka’s stripping and throwing herself at Kakeru as well, with Shiori telling him to just sleep with her and get it over with. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

Sure, it must be great having a girl telling you to sleep with another girl, but it’s Yuka in her messed up state we’re talking about here. I question if Kakeru would make it out of the bedroom in one piece if she’s into the kinky stuff. She should really be locked up in a mental institution if the others still think she’s merely troubled. I could easily go on about Yuka’s insanity, but the whole mystery behind the Red Night is finally cleared up thanks to Shiori and much more relevant things are happening. Takahisa’s confirmed to be dead and Kukuri’s nothing but a figment of our Yuka’s imagination, created with her powers for Kakeru’s sake. What about the real Kukuri you ask? Oh she happens to be dead already.

The latter they revealed on a whim, which made it as jarring as it was mind boggling. Surprisingly, it was pretty minor in the overall scope of things since Shiori turned our whole perspective of the story completely upside-down. Much like they hinted at last time, she confirms that the Black Knights are the “heroes” from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. To throw things in for a whirl, Shiori goes to say that Kakeru and the others are actually the antagonists of the series. Contained in each of them (minus Kakeru) are fragments of an almighty “Voidstone”, which the immortal “Witch of Babylon” Liselotte (a.k.a. Lisette) wants to obtain in order open the gates of Hell and destroy the world with “Hell Fall”, after losing her lover/former Eye of Aeon owner/former king of Dransvania Velad during a civil war long ago.

Kyomu no Maseki 「虚無の魔石」, Babiron no Majo 「虚無の魔石」, Naruku Otoshi 「奈落堕とし」. The slew of new proper nouns doesn’t end there, as the Voidstone was shattered into seven fragments and scattered across parallel worlds with the use of a forbidden technique, “Rainbow Contract” 「契約の虹」. It was Black Knights’ way of stopping Liselotte’s Hell Fall 64 years ago and sealing her away in another world at the cost of their human visages. Now in this timeless Red Night parallel world, they watch over Liselotte to ensure she can’t escape even though she has no memories of her true self while imprisoned in that crystal. Their sacrifices don’t hold up however, as each of the fragments got pulled into the Red Night from their respective worlds and all ended up back in the one we know now, giving Liselotte an opportunity to reclaim them all.

As it turns out, this world happens to be Yuka’s, which sort of explains why she’s able to create an illusion of the original Kukuri. I’m still a bit unclear as to whether or not this means Kakeru’s sister is the original Kukuri who got pulled into Ayamegaoka though. Assuming that Kakeru’s from this world, that poses some continuity problems if she wasn’t here to begin with. It does explain why this Kukuri had no memories of her past at least, albeit not her magical return in the preview. Nevertheless, they’ve really opened the death flag floodgates after Saiko was killed a couple episodes back. After Kukuri’s existence became a mere afterthought, Yukiko’s thirst for revenge on Superbia has her skewered and dropping like a log too. Immortality doesn’t seem to work so well when her fragment is pulled out and tossed at Liselotte’s crystal, freeing the witch from her prison and restoring her memories. While Superbia gets credit for the kill, why am I not surprised that Yuka was the one who ended up freeing Liselotte? Gotta leave it up to the girl with the messed up head to take the shit that’s already hit the fan and smear it all over the place.

In retrospect, I like how they’ve developed the story around an air of mystery thus far and made sense of everything now. They’ve done a good job playing various plot points up, making the eventual fallout in these last few episodes meaningful. However, I can’t help but feel that the story itself is messed up. Not quite “Yuka messed up”, but I find the notion of our protagonists being the bad guys unknowingly pretty dumb. Unless they plan to pass off the Black Knights’ snotty attitude as some side effect of losing their human selves, I don’t see why someone didn’t approach Kakeru and the others like Shiori has now. They obviously don’t want to see their world destroyed, so if someone just explained things to them from the very beginning, we wouldn’t be in the fruitless mess we are in now. Asking them to kill themselves is probably a bit much, but staying away from Liselotte while everyone looks for a permanent solution wouldn’t be too hard to do. Instead, we have the Black Knights going after our lost and confused protagonists as the foundation of the plot. It’s like blaming someone with a bomb strapped to their back for blowing things up when you armed the timer and kept poking at it. Gee, I wonder who made things worse. Way to go Black Knights~!

I can’t help but be a bit cynical here, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see how things wrap up. I did get a good laugh out of Shiori’s decision to believe in Kakeru and leave the fate of the world in his hands when his Eye of Aeon is the catalyst to Velad’s resurrection. While the eye could potentially seal Liselotte away for good, the humour was compounded by the fact that she believes he’s weak and Velad could easily possess him. Anyway, we only have two episodes left and our protagonists are dropping like flies, so I don’t really see a happy ending beyond the horizon without pulling out some lame deus ex machina. If that’s the only alternative, I’d rather take the bad ending. Judging from the preview, Misuzu’s going to sex it up with Kakeru next time, so I’m starting to think either her or Yuka won’t survive till the end of the series.


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