Letter Bee Episode 11

December 11, 2009

Ah, such a shame, Letter bee is back to its regular cheesy stories about random people. Get back to the main storyline dammit! And sure, I can understand the point that this episode tried to make: Lag’s ability isn’t always handy. However, creators: if you want to illustrate this, use a real example, not such a half-hearted one as this episode was. Show Lag what his powers can really do to people if used wrong.Letter Bee is now at the point where it’s beginning to test my patience. I’m not going to drop it because I know what it’s good at: the main storyline. The problem is the random stories. Letter Bee’s thankfully aren’t as bad as with Konnichiwa Anne, but they’re too one-sided, moralistic and stereotypical. Also, imagine what would have happened if Lag didn’t choose this particular day to deliver that letter to the old woman: a Gaijuu would have jumped up to her, destroyed the bridge and she would have died. I mean, it’s fine to play a bit around with coincidences and all, but that’s really stretching it!

And the panty-jokes in this episode… just… who the hell thought of that? I have to admit that these were some of the most original panty-jokes I’ve seen, but really… there was something very disturbing about them.


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