Aoi Bungaku Series Episode 10

December 14, 2009

The author is crying in the train after seeing his friend. Meros is trying to get back to him and the bridge is broken and he went into the river. Then he also met thieves who wanted this valuables. The battle scene is interesting because mixing the drama with the place the author is writing! Then Meros fell because of his tiredness and no food. The author is speaking to Meros to get up. However, Meros hasn’t completely out. He still can get up.

With his friend’s thought, the author even became the audience of the play. “Traitor” he said, as if he’s also saying that to himself.

Meros’s monologue about thankful for his friend trusting him.

The author, as an audience, said not true! Also at the same time he grabbed the script as if he failed to write that page and start ripping other pages as well. Someone called but he answered but didn’t answer any of her questions. Only said “Meros is not coming”

Then when he’s back to his room, he saw his friend (or imagination?) sorting out the script that he threw.

Then the author said it’s his fault about not meeting at the station that time that he’s unable to write the story.

The clock was a gift from his friend that promise their friendship (so that time on the train he threw it to his friend, that means he’s furious at his friend breaking the promise?). His friend encouraged him to continue writing. Then the author came to a space with lights of worms flying.

Someone, through the publisher, came to visit the author and said that his friend is dying and he wanted to see him before he dies. While the author went out to find his friend, Meros also woke up. (Narrator replaced by a woman) He still is not giving up for trying to go back on time.

The author is in the train and Meros jumped down from the stage (indicating both are impatient and wanting to be back on time for their friends).

When Meros arrived, the boy who served for his friend stopped him and said it’s too late. The author, then arrived to the hospital for his friend. He asked if he’s able to finish writing “Hashire Meros”. The author said traitor! He has waited for 15 years continue writing so that he could meet him again! His friend only can say sorry to him.

Through what the author said, Meros once gave up rescuing his friend, but he tried his best to be on time because there’s someone that trusted him and ran as fast as he can to where his friend was punished. When the king is about to order soldiers to kill him, Meros said stop! Meros has return, he said. The king and everyone looked at him unbelievably while his friend smiled.

After hearing that, the author’s friend is crying.

At his friend’s tomb, his friend’s wife explained that his life has been limited since his birth. That’s why when he had argument against his father about going to Tokyo, he was unable to go with him. From his son, the writer got the clock that was a symbol of their friendship. She said it was broken and was going to use as child’s toy but was scolded. He said this belongs to the author, so she wants him to receive it. He finished the novel. The person from the publisher is calling for more work for him, he accepts more peacefully.

I think it is almost evident the play is staged at some point of time, almost exactly how we see it. There are however parts that are the writer’s own illusion. And the boundary between reality and illusion is very vague, thats why it may seem confusing at times.


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