Kobato Episode 10

December 15, 2009

Looks like the younger side of Fujimoto is being shown. Then he woke up hearing the song from his dream sung by Kobato. Kobato is singing while putting her futon on the sun, all the while having Ioryougi being annoyed. She’s singing what the kindergarteners taught her. Then she accidentally tripped herself and Ioryougi saved her. Ioryougi’s been pissed at her for sitting on him after he saved her and is flat. Kobato’s going to kindergarten to get futons dried up. Ioryougi reminded her to do what she’s supposed to do. She knows but she wants to help the kindergarten a bit more time.

Sayaka is in the kindergarten working and worrying about the money. Kobato came in. Sayaka was kind of shocked at her coming on Sunday. She pulled the curtains to see what Kobato said. Sayaka said that’s right, she never noticed. She’s going to dry up the futons together.

Sayaka told Kobato that Chitose was happy to let a good girl like Kobato to live in the room. Kobato said she’s happy with Chitose and the twins. Sayaka asked about Fujimoto, and Kobato became small. She said she doesn’t know about Fujimoto because he’s sometimes mean and sometimes not. Sayaka said Fujimoto’s actually a kind person, ever since he was young. Kobato said she cannot imagine young Fujimoto.

Sayaka is showing photos of young Fujimoto in the classroom. Fujimoto had no parents. (lol @ Ioryougi becoming skinny because he was dried up on the sun) Kobato now understood why he said such things when Kobato was going to take care of the cat. Kobato asked that she wants to know more about young Fujimoto. Sayaka was looking at Kobato shockingly, and she agreed. Her father began to take care of him 14 years ago. Fujimoto acted nothing when Sayaka said hello, and his expression looked angry. He was alone and not talked to people, not even Sayaka. She tried to introduced him to other kindergarteners, but he didn’t say anything to them, so they didn’t talk to him anymore.

Other kindergarteners said they don’t like him because he didn’t say anything when Sayaka said welcome back.

One day, Sayaka found him playing organ. But he ran away when she came in.

Outside, there’s people giving samples of new drinks (are they from Angelic Layers?). That’s one of Fujimoto’s jobs. One of the customers were Kohaku.

Sayaka continued to mentioned that the day like today’s good and warm weather, Sayaka helped the kindergarteners watering the flowers. While they are out to play among themselves, she saw Fujimoto coming back. As always, he doesn’t say anything when she said welcome back, then one of the kindergarteners tripped because a soccer ball suddenly came. Then two highschoolers climbed in and destroyed one of the flowers. Sayaka is sad, so she went to confront them. After knowing the situation in there, the students felt awkward. She gave them the ball and told them to apologize to the kids and leave immediately. They said sorry. Young Fujimoto saw the situation from inside and saw that Sayaka was shaking.

She tried to fix the flower and made the kids relieved. People heard young Fujimoto’s playing organ, so they ran and got around him to listen and sang along. That’s the song is what Kobato was singing.

She mentioned that he’s having lots of part-time jobs to ease the debt of the kindergarten and wants to be a lawyer.

After drying out, Sayaka mentioned that there’s smell of sun after drying out. Kobato’s excited about tomorrow.

They said goodbye and Sayaka saw image of young Fujimoto and kindergarteners around him to request him to play organ and finally said “I’m home”. Then he played the organ.

Now Sayaka is singing herself.

Kobato doesn’t have more of the pieces. Ioryougi is complaining about him drying up. Then Kohaku called them. lol @ when Ioryougi saw the drink. Kohaku gave Ioryougi the drink she got from Fujimoto. Ioryougi said he’s keeping it until later. Kobato is impressed that Kohaku’s watering her garden everyday. She said it’s what she can do for Shuichirou. They are talking about to be of help to the one(s) they love is happy. Kobato, on her way back home, said that Fujimoto’s probably doing stuff for the kindergarten that he love. Ioryougi said that’s probably so, for he’s doing multiple part-time jobs. Kobato wants to be any help to her kindergarten because she love them.

Fujimoto is alone and is humming the song for this ep. When Kobato’s back, she’s talking nonstop about young Fujimoto! He’s embarrassed about why she knows about it! When Kobato mentioned about young Fujimoto, Chitose and the twins want to see young Fujomoto! He said no~~~~!


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