Manga Review- Beast Master

January 4, 2010

Its a romance between a girl who gets along well with people, but is hated by the thing she loves most (animals)
and a boy that is great with animals, but has a beast-like personality that makes people think that he’s completely unapproachable.
I have to admit that I was trying my hardest to avoid reading this, because I’m not into the whole beauty falling in love with beast story.
But something about it just made me want to take a quick peek,
and I ended up reading the entire thing
lol I couldnt stop.

I didn’t expect this story to have such a well balanced mix of romance and comedy.
There’s even a bit of drama and parts that may make you tear up a bit ;D
The reason why it seems so unbelievable is because it’s only seven chapters.
So it’s short, and in my opinion a little too short which is why i gave it a 9 instead of a 10. It has closure, but i just wish it was a bit longer because I think it would be interesting to know what things would be like in the future ?

9 because I’ve seen better, but I must say that there wasn’t a single page in which I was dissapointed. For this story I thought that everything was drawn pretty well, I’m completely jealous because I wish that I could draw like that. lol
My favorite scenes are of when Leo snaps
And I love Yuiko’s eyes when she’s thinking.=]

For such a short story there was lots of character development !
I believe that the two main characters developed throughout the story,
but the rest (like the classmates) changed only in the beginning.

I enjoyed Beast Master a lot !
I laughed soo much, especially in the beginning because I sometimes show my affection towards animals in the same way as Yuiko, so i now know that should probably tone it down a bit ?
lol overall it was a great read, especially for those of you who want a quicky. ;D
I recommend it to everyone !=]


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