Manga Review- Rustblaster

January 15, 2010

Often, an interesting title will peek my interest and I’ll dig into the material, curious to see what’s under the cover. Rustblaster was one of these titles. I couldn’t help but feel curious when I first stared at the title. At first, I couldn’t even imagine what the manga was about, and I certainly didn’t believe that the manga would be about vampires. Now, I haven’t run into any really good vampire fiction lately, so when I first opened the manga and saw that all of the characters were vampires, I was a bit concerned. Happily, I was greeted with not only pretty art, but an interesting story with realistic characters that I enjoyed reading about.

From panel one, it looked like Rustblaster was going to be a serious manga about vampires fighting other vampires for an unknown reason. Quickly, the story progressed to show a real, somewhat humorous, story with interesting characters. With vampires that have special weapons from birth, I was amazed about the originality behind some of the powers the characters have. Of course, there’s always a character that doesn’t start with one of these powers. Although I didn’t like the general twist to the story, I did enjoy how they gave him a weapon.

The characters, although some were pretty generic, were very interesting to watch and see interact. Aldred, the main character, looked to be the crazy, humorous one of the group, but quickly showed that he was, in fact, the leader of sorts, despite the fact that he didn’t have a special weapon from birth. He was fun to watch and often brought humor to a serious situation, but his character was very generic, and I was really disappointed with him, over all. Kei, the other main character, was very generic as well – with a serious attitude that was forced to work with Aldred. There really isn’t anything spectacular about Kei, but he did make an interesting plot twist through the story.

The only thing that I enjoyed without fail is the art. I’m not sure what it is about Yana Toboso’s art, but I’ve always enjoyed it since I’ve looked at a few pages of the Kuroshitsuji manga. I guess expecting the art to be bad would be a bit of a jump, after that. Still, bias set aside, the art was really good. Pretty, even. Plus some of the clothing was very well designed and reminded me of the costumes from Pandora Hearts.

Anyone looking for a great, vampire manga with action and a little humor will enjoy Rustblaster. I can imagine that I’ll go back and re-read Rustblaster a few more times, especially if I’m looking for a manga I know I’ll enjoy.


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