Anime Review- Kuroshitsuji

January 18, 2010

Like most anime, Kuroshitsuji contains some overly dramatic scenes where not much drama is needed however, it is redeemed by touching scenes with just the right amount of drama. The sub-plots’ of this anime have the tendency to run like filler as the series progresses on, that’s not to say that they are all bad but, for example, one that involves Indians and curry seems to be exeptionally irrelevent to the plot but it manages to suffice to entertain. There are quite a few twists that would have been very difficult to see coming but in the end the new plot developments are convincing and not just random. *ART* – 10/10 – The animation of this anime flows beautifully and is not overly cartoonish like most and with the beautiful European setting it makes it all the more outstanding. It is extremely similiar to the animation in Death Note, it might just be the same studio.

*SOUND* – 9/10 – The music in this anime is quite lovely at times while at other’s it seems to stray from the Victorian setting, sounding too modern. But as a whole the music does not overpower the show itself which is what matters more.

*CHARACTER* – 8/10 – The characters were good but they could have been better with some more development. One in paticular is one of the main characters’ Ceil Phantomhive, his parent’s death seems to be the only thing which is used to make the child from an innocent well, child, to a cold, hate drivin b******. Another example, Maylene, is just a clumsy maid stereotype. *ENJOYMENT* – 8/10 – The anime has a nice mix of a dark /dramatic story and humor, it doesn’t leave you desperately waiting for something to break the tension since it is perfectly balanced. It held my interest very well and I rarely was bored.

*OVERALL* – 9/10 – This anime makes it very easy to twist the relationship of Ciel and Sebastian in a homosexual way (Yaoi). I personally don’t have anything against Yaoi but Sebastian happens to be potrayed as an older man while Ciel is a 12 year old kid, it might seem a little creepy to some.


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