Anime Review- Afro Samurai: Resurrection

January 27, 2010

When i first saw Afro Samurai back in 2008 I was amazed, to be honest I didn’t think a concept like this would work out in the way it did. I mean here you have a black samurai, in an anime, with hip-hop music, unless we’re talking Samurai Champloo this shouldn’t work. But I really liked Afro Samurai, I thought it was sick and it only increased my respect for Samuel L. Jackson, so when I found out that there was going to be a sequel to the series I was over the moon… However little did I know that this sequel would end up like this.
Afro Samurai: Resurrection takes place after the events of the original series with Afro finding peace in the mountains after killing countless people because of his number 1 headband. It seems that after being on this road for so long, Afro seems to be losing his way and it is at this point when Afro is attacked by his old friend/nemesis Jinno and a mysterious female warrior named Sio, who wishes to have the head of the famous number one warrior because of the death of the people he has killed. And that my friends are basic elements of this story for this film and to be honest it sucks. The best thing about Afro Samurai was its originality and I know it’s hard to follow up good material with sequels, but it seems like Resurrection really lost its ‘cool’ factor here, the story is basic at best and the new characters involved are just ridiculous and for some reason you want to kill Ninja Ninja in this anime. I’m happy to report that the animation and art style is still sick and beautiful and while the music hasn’t got the flair of the original it’s still pretty nice.

Overall Afro Samurai: Resurrection really wasn’t the sequel that people wanted, the story is unoriginal and the main female antagonist feels far too simple along with all other new characters. The animation and music however are still pretty good and while it’s still watchable one can’t help but feel sad for the way this turned out and hope that the third instalment rectifies this anime’s mistake.


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