Evangelion 2.0 You Can(Not) Advance

January 28, 2010

Continuing where the previous film, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, left off, the movie opens with a new EVA pilot, Mari Illustrious Makinami, launched with EVA Provisional Unit 05 to destroy the Third Angel which is attacking the arctic Bethany Base of NERV. She successfully defeats the Angel by self-destructing Unit 05, safely ejecting at the last moment.The film cuts to Shinji and Gendo visiting Yui’s grave and NERV Chief Inspector Ryoji Kaji is later revealed to arrive and hand Gendo a suitcase containing an object referred to as the ‘Key of Nebuchadnezzar’. When the Seventh Angel attacks, EVA Unit 02 and its pilot Captain Asuka Langley Shikinami arrive in Japan via air transport and quickly destroy the Angel.

Meanwhile, Gendo and Fuyutsuki visit the Tabgha Base on the Moon to view SEELE’s progress with the new and cryptic “Mark. 06” EVA Unit, and—while access to the base is denied by SEELE—they confirm that Mark. 06’s construction method is fundamentally different from that of other EVAs and manage to spot Kaworu Nagisa sitting at the finger of the EVA.

Back on Earth, Shinji is forced to learn to live with Asuka, who has just moved in with both him and Misato. As the movie progresses we see Kaji taking the children on a field trip to an aquarium and all three EVA Units engaging the Eighth Angel, showing a teamwork that had previously been lacking. The following day, Shinji decides to cook an extra meal for Rei, a gesture that drives her to invite everyone over for a self-cooked meal during the following week. Meanwhile, Mari arrives secretly in Tokyo-3 by parachute but accidentally lands on top of Shinji at his school.

Soon after, NERV’s U.S. branch is destroyed when an experimental new engine test goes wrong and Unit 03 is delivered to Tokyo-03. Asuka is chosen for the activation test, taking place on the very day of the party. The activation of Unit 03 goes awry as it is revealed to be infected by the Ninth Angel, forcing Shinji to be dispatched with Unit 01 to intervene. Knowing who the pilot is, he refuses to fight back against Unit 03 out of fear of killing Asuka, whose entry plug couldn’t be ejected. Gendo orders the activation of EVA 01’s Dummy System and Unit 01 savagely dispatches the Angel/Unit 03, finally destroying Asuka’s entry plug. Shinji is disgusted with his father’s actions and decides to quit NERV. Asuka, who was thought to be dead, is revealed to be alive but badly wounded and in quarantine.

While Shinji attempts traveling to the countryside, the Tenth Angel attacks. In an attempt to stop the new threat, Mari manages to hijack Unit 02 from storage but does not damage the angel despite all the efforts and got seriously injured in the battle. Rei, piloting the half-repaired Unit 00, emerges holding a missile armed with an N² mine, and charges the Angel but she is stopped by the enemy’s superior defenses. Mari in Unit 02 helps Rei and succeeds in delivering a direct point-blank hit but the Angel appears totally unharmed. Unit 00, however, has been rendered immobile following the explosion. Unit 02 drops next to where Shinji is taking shelter, making him aware of what is happening.

Shinji returns to NERV and pilots Unit 01 against the Angel, after seeing it consume Unit 00, with Rei inside. After the Angel is defeated, Shinji attempts to spiritually connect with Rei, who is inside the angel, to rescue her. He succeeds and the angel’s core combines with Unit 01 in the process. Ritsuko declares that the Third Impact is about to occur, creating a new life form beyond human understanding.

After the credits, the Third Impact is halted by the Lance of Longinus which falls from the sky and pierces through Unit 01. It is revealed that the lance was thrown by the Mark. 06 descending from the moon. Kaworu is revealed to be inside.

During the preview for the next film, Evangerion Shin Gekijoban: Q Quickening, the words ‘Keep Out’ flash on screen amongst other various scenes, each one having a different sub-heading. It is revealed that Shinji and Rei are both trapped in Unit 01, the “fortified city” has been abandoned, NERV’s personnel has been imprisoned, Unit 06 is descending into Central Dogma, and that there is a Unit 08 with its own pilot. The last screens of the trailer also show Asuka seemingly well but with a patch on her left eye.


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