Anime Review- Umineko no Naku Koro ni

February 9, 2010

In my own perspective, “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” is a very entertaining and enjoyable masterpiece. It’s just sad that it has been quite underrated because of its comparison to Higurashi and that the Visual Novel was still a lot better. First of all, don’t go thinking it would be close to Higurashi ‘coz its plot is a lot different though similar. Higurashi’s main point is horror while Umineko is more of a thriller or rather something like a mind battle like “Death Note” and even includes witches and magic. For me, this is one of the most unpredictable anime I’ve ever watched and does not deserve being underrated. It’s a series that would actually even make you want to rewatch the whole series after completing it.
Story: 9
Now this is what you call an anime with a “really deep” story. Before enjoying this anime, let me tell you that the first 4 episodes were introduction only to the anime’s plot. After that, episode 5 finally reveals the plot of the story so I suggest don’t go dropping it before that if you think you already know the plot (well, if you really want to know the plot before you can continue, all I can say is this: Human vs Witch). Episode 6 will make you think this is getting boring, but let me tell you after watching Episode 7 you might finally like this anime. The major breakdown of the series is episode 10, as it would probably make you say “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE!?”. Being unable to bear such breakdown might finally make you want to drop this anime, moreover, that the protagonist seems to have no chance (0%) in winning. However, let me tell you that the protagonist was just unprepared in those episodes and will finally show off his true might for the rest of the series. Regarding the breakdown in Episode 10, there’ll be an explanation for that too. The last episode was satisfying, though you might think many of the mysteries were left unsolved, they were actually answered but in a way that you can already logically think how and just think of them yourself.

Art & Animation: 7
There’s nothing special about the art and animation, but it’s actually very good enough since I think it was given quite the budget. It has a unique style that is still enjoyable to watch.

Sound: 8
Though I’ve heard other anime with really good bgms, this has actually good ones. It has a very thrilling background when the protagonist shows off, and I love it. Most of the sounds were taken and remixed from the visual novel it has a good variety of sounds and all…

Characters: 8
Aside from the protagonist and antagonist, all the other characters were also given spotlight to know their story and even sometimes see a cool side of them, which is a plus actually. The thing I didn’t quite like was the inconsistency of Beatrice’s character (the antagonist), you may think of her as one of the most evil creatures but she also sometimes makes a character of a good person and even gets a bit feeling of romance between her and Battler (protagonist). Another one with an inconsistent character would be Maria, she’s cute and adorable in normal situations and you might even cry for her when you see her being abused by her mother. However, her character often changes into an annoying evil brat. My favorite character is of course Ushiromiya Battler, he’s cool and funny.

Enjoyment: 9
I really enjoyed the scenes in Umineko and I was very satisfied. If you enjoy a battle of wits, you’ll enjoy this too. The only reason I didn’t rate the enjoyment 10 but 9 was because there are also some boring scenes.

Overall: 10
I liked it so much. It’s a gem that should be appreciated more. Umineko has become one of my favorites and has earned a place in my Anime Palace.



  1. I LOVED Umineko!!! I have watched the entire series 7 times already. I can’t wait to see your Beatrice cosplay for the con!

  2. Umineko ws by far the best anime of the season. Hopefully they make a season 2 to follow the VN!!

  3. I really liked Umineko. Beatrice was so evil muahahaha!

  4. Great Series!

  5. Battler needs to kick some ass if there is an S2 lol

  6. This anime is severely underrated! Currently on Anime News Network it rates at a 7.129. Thats like comparing it to Ecchi anime, endless pokemon garbage, and old 60s and 70s anime.

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