Katanagatari Episode 2

February 13, 2010

Having obtained the first sword, Shichika and Togame make their way towards the second one, getting Shichika a change of clothes along the way. Their goal is a sword called Zantou Namakura located in a castle in the desert of Inaba, and it’s currently in the possession of a powerful swordsman named Uneri Ginkaku. During the journey, Togame also gets Shichika to choose a trademark phrase to use during battles to make him more interesting for the report she’s writing. When they finally arrive, they find the corpse of Maniwa Shirasagi outside and correctly guess that Uneri defeated him. This turns out to be a trap because Uneri draws his lightning-fast sword, but fortunately Shichika realizes this in time and knocks Togame back.Shichika then decides to retreat, and when Uneri lets them, Shichika concludes that Uneri prefers to stay in the room because it’s most convenient for him there to attack his enemies. Based on this, Shichika asks Togame to stay behind him under the pretense that people who have something to protect are strong. When they return to the room, Shichika uses a technique where he charges forward, fakes Uneri out, and then lands a kick on Uneri’s shoulder. Shichika knows immediately that this isn’t enough though, and Uneri responds by cutting his own arm and bleeding over the Zantou Namakura. This allows Uneri to draw the sword faster, but Shichika refuses to back down and attacks again. This time, he avoids Uneri’s strike by moving back, and he uses Togame’s face as a jumping board so that he can reach the ceiling. This lets him attack from above where Uneri is most vulnerable, and Shichika finishes Uneri off in one move, thereby winning them the sword. In the aftermath, Togame isn’t happy that Shichika used her like that, but when he reflects on Uneri’s death and final words, she tells him not to think about his own final words.


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