Anime Review- Prism Ark

February 15, 2010

The true score I give this anime would have to be incomplete. Plane and simple. I don’t say this often, but this should have been a 24 to 26 episode anime. In terms of stylization, plot, characters and animation, all of it was top notch with the makings of something great, but the fact of the matter is that this anime got throw together in a hurry, didn’t close up more than half of it’s plot lines, leaving them wide open, and simply left the viewer stuck in drive. When I finished, I honestly thought there was a Season 2 somewhere. When I realized there wasn’t and there wasn’t any news about a second season either (but their might be soon… who knows.) I became stunned, because that’s how open the last episode is.The worst part about it is that the last episode had that “feeling” of being the last episode but the rational side of me said there was no possible way they could wrap it all up in 24 minutes. I was right, of course, but apparantly they still tried.

What makes this sad is that this anime had amazing potential along the long-lasting lines of Shakugan no Shana or Zero no Tsukaima. It’s a feel-good anime with tenderness, amazing art, and a story worthy of telling in more than two seasons and definitely more than 1. So why only 12 episodes? Who knows? is my answer. I shrug, too, because I’m not that invested in it. It was only 12 episodes, but I wish there were more, mainly because of the great romance between the two leads, which was done with great passion and taste.

So, my final impression is “Oh well.” I wish there was more, but I’ll get over it. The potential was great but the ending just wasn’t justified.



  1. I would have to agree! Prism Ark was well for me a waist of time. Unless they get a season 2 around the corner…this was Fail.

    • Haha fail is right. I hated this anime. Even if they get a season 2 it probably wont be any better.

  2. I thought Prism Ark was an alright anime but like you said It needs a second season :s

  3. This was not the best but not the worst either.

  4. It’s scary just how like-minded our sentiments are. Other than a few shows I haven’t seen, and some that I have (which were all awful), I would in all likelihood trade Kobato and Sora no Woto, and that’s about it. I just wish I hadn’t fallen into the sand trap of leaving Shinbo some other adventure, because Bund is just terrible.

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