Anime Review- Amaenaide yo!

February 19, 2010

So the best way to describe this anime would be…Buddhism turned extreme (in an erotic way). What happens when you put a monk and a bunch of nuns together in a temple? Performing exorcism all day and night? Not really … performing perverted, ecchi stuff all day and night? O yeah! Amaenaide yo! is an anime that can easily get faithful Buddhists ticked and non believers wonder “what the heck” is Buddhism. While this is only half of the story (yes season2), it does serve its purpose quite well as a building block to the sequel.Story:
The show is very episodic by nature, thus one can watch all the episodes in whichever order one pleases (except for episode 1 and 12) and will still be able to follow the story. Nearly all episodes contain some sort of ecchiness (rated R) though they can hardly be compared to Kanokon. In terms of plot, the story is rather simple and easy to comprehend throughout the series. In fact the story is so simple that if the ecchiness can be taken out of the anime, the show is actually more suitable for children than young adults. (Ecchi Power Rangers, anyone?)

When I first started watching this show, the characters looked very awkward to me due to their unusual round faces and marble-like eyes (especially Chitose the main female lead). The animation quality is very consistent throughout the series and the transition from scene to scene is also very smooth.

The OP and ED are nothing very spectacular, however that is not to say they will make your ears bleed. There are a few notable CV: The main female lead, Chitose, is voiced by Mai Nakahara who is known for Nagisa in Clannad, Mai in Mai HiME and Mai Otome. Ikkou the main male lead, is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki who is known for Kouta in Elfen Lied, Luke in Tales of the Abyss.

It worried me at first (since all the girls seemed to play quite a major role in the story) that in 12 short episodes, the female characters will not have enough time to fully develop themselves as a unique character. But much to my surprise, all the females have pretty much equal screen time and most of them matured overtime as the series progresses. On the other hand, Ikkou (despite being the main focus in every episode) did not really change much from the beginning to the end.
Final Thought:
While not the most ecchi anime you’ll ever come across, Amaenaide yo! will not disappoint you if you are looking for perverted anime. Personally I watch it because I have been exposed to Buddhism ever since a young age and I was curious to see what it might lead me to. The anime certainly pissed off my Buddist-self, but at the same time it was entertaining with its light comedy.

*It should be noted that the anime does include a lot of Buddhism terminology, so I recommend getting some definition out of the way first while watch it  or else it will be extremely confusing.



  1. I personally thought this anime was weird lol. The characters were very fun though 😛 Season 2 made it all make sense.

  2. wtf?? he turns into a supermonk when seeing a girl naked? Thats funny hahaha…I need to watch this!

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