Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 45

February 21, 2010

That fight between Greed and Wrath… talk about animation! What an epic way to start off this episode. Interestingly enough, the rest of this episode was used to save some budget and the faces were off a bit. Ah well, it was well worth the eye candy. This episode really formed the prelude to a new major arc in this series. The previous arc was really all about preparation: gathering allies, getting them to the right place and getting everything ready for the “big plan”. Right now, it seems that we’re about to start with the real stuff of this series: Mustang is back, and the characters around him are about to play a bigger role again. Ed is fully recovered and teamed up with Greed. Now everyone seems to be ready to put an end to Father’s plans.

The ED said so much about this subject. I love how much different parties are now working together at this point, and everyone is doing something different, meaningful, something that fits his character, doesn’t get neglected and has his own circumstances. I really have to praise the mangaka for weaving everything into one. She really did a wonderful job.



  1. 1 word… EPIC!

  2. This was a great episode. They’re finally truly gearing up for everything, and a perfect way to do it.

  3. It feels like there’s still a lot of things to happen, yet they’re already ep 45. How many episodes are still there? ANN shows about 63 episodes, though some are saying it’s wrong. Hard to comment when I haven’t seen the episode yet. ED looks awesome though, great way to foreshadow on things to come.

    • So true! The ED was awesome! I’ve never seen that happen with an ending sequence. I thought it was very creative of them.
      Greeling is my favorite character to watch move around. He tends to be wherever it suits him and it’s fun trying to see if he’s developed.

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