To Love-RU Ova Episode 5

February 27, 2010

This episode of the OVA  begins with Momo sleeping with Rito of course. Also the sisters are trying to find out how strong Rito really is and are stalking him to do so.At their final attempt, Sairenji becomes OOC due to Sugitani’s pollen, that was quite funny at that time, but then it becomes ridiculous. Yami on rampage okay but tits and pantsu everywhere! The obligatory tentacle rape wasn’t missing either. But the end was fine, when Nana was all dere-dere and tried to sneak into Rito’s bed, too bad it was already full.

Overall, It was stupid and ridiculous like most of the OVA, but this one was really funny indeed. I laughed a lot, so it worked out well.


One comment

  1. lol I liked this episode. It was strange as usual but funny 😛

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