Kobato Episode 20

March 2, 2010

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so Kobato decides that the nursery should have a party. Kiyokazu points out that they don’t have the money to do so, but Kobato volunteers to go work at the bakery, so he tells her to do her best. Some night soon after, while outside the bakery, Kobato hears a noise from the nearby alleyway, and upon investigating, she discovers three guys and a weird creature, with one of the guys having the same voice as Ioryogi.These three are none other than Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona, and once he figures out what Kobato is, Fai makes no move to hide who they are. They reveal that they’re on a journey, and since they have nowhere to stay for the night, Kobato offers her apartment. In return, Fai decides that they should help her with making money for the Valentine’s Day party, so Syaoran accompanies Kobato to the bakery while Fai and Kurogane go find other work.

While at the bakery, Kobato gets Syaoran to talk about how he’s traveling, and he reveals that there’s someone waiting for him. In response, Kobato explains how there is a place she wants to go, so Syaoran suggests that there might be someone there that she wants to see. This triggers a memory inside of Kobato of someone in front of a piano. Afterward, the two return to Kobato’s apartment, and Fai gives her the money he and Kurogane made today. It’s now time for them to go however, so the group departs via Mokona, and Kobato hopes that they can make it to the people waiting for them. Thanks to the money and to Kobato’s own hard work, the Valentine’s Day party at the nursery is able to go off without a hitch. When presented by the children with the problem of who she’s going to give her chocolate to, Kobato thinks of Kiyokazu. Meanwhile, Ioryogi gets another message from the bunny and realizes that Kobato is out of time.


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