The Time is Near…

March 3, 2010

Hey everyone! Today is March 3rd, which can only mean 1 thing… Animeland Wasabi 2010 is almost here! Myself along with other Kimiko members, Paulie and Patrick will be heading off to Denver CO to participate in this awesome con at our artist alley table! This time we will be updating all 3 days of the con on the site, youtube, and our live BlogTV broadcast. We will return with prizes, pictures and stories galore! Hope to see some of you there.

A Special Thanks to all the non-Greeley,CO members of Kimiko Anime whom submitted artwork to sell at our table:

Keimichi Tenshi, Megan Stikes, Ashley Golden, and Austin Adams!



  1. xDDDD no my friend THANK YOU!!!!
    Sister from another mister/momma

  2. Aww No thank you for letting my art be part of the table!

  3. I didn’t submit much lol but im glad you guys are taking my painting prints. Hope you all can make us some Money! =D


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