Animeland Wasabi

March 6, 2010

Well, Day 2 is over and it was indeed better than yesterday. Overall, today we made $124 from our Artist Alley table. After sitting for hours on end though, we are not going to have our table tomorrow. Other than that, there were many interesting happenings at the con today. Still seeing strange cosplayers, but some were decent. We all even got our pictures taken for Cosplay.com and more!Later on today was the Cosplay Contest. There were many nice participants and it was a good show. Only bad thing about the contest was the constant yelling of the staff to move out of the doorway. We were taken out to eat at a place called Famous Daves in Denver. I must say that if you like Bar B-Que or just spicy things in general this is the place to eat. After we returned to the hotel, people began lining up for the Ball Dance. We did not attend but it seemed like many people were excited for it. The 3 of us joined Matt and Kai back in the room to watch more hilarious videos on youtube. Today was great and very enjoyable. It will be sad to leave tomorrow.


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