Animeland Wasabi: Review & Pictures

March 7, 2010

Well today was the last day of con *SAD FACE*. It has been quite the adventure. We woke up later today around 9:00 or so since we weren’t going to set up our table. The day was pretty slow. We made one final trip to the dealers room, where I bought yet another figure set. Around 12:00 we decided to get checked out and take our leave for home. We said goodbye to our new friends.. a very sad farewell to Matt whom we ended leaving in the hallway. However, just because con is over doesn’t mean we wont keep in touch.  Now its time for the review…Overall Animeland Wasabi 2010 was just alright. To be honest… the only thing that made it enjoyable was the time we got to spend meeting new friends. The Dealer’s Room was small but there were only 2 fairly priced dealers there. I will blantly admit that the dealer in the back of the room(also the dealer at NDK) was WAY OVERPRICED!!! I bought a Yoko figure from  dealer for $24.99, and the dealer in the back was selling the SAME EXACT ONE for $46.00!! That’s insane.. as well as the Kobato figure for $53.00. Seriously… that’s messed up. The guests were awesome though. The only one we really got to know was Yamila Abraham but she was indeed amazing.

The rave… not so fun. The Panels… not so great.

The Staff… no offence but basically almost all of the staff was TERRIBLE!! They barely had the scheduel worked out. On Friday it took ages just to get the badge I Pre-Ordered in AUGUST 2009!! How hard was it for them to just hand me a paper on a lanyard.. seriously people COME ON! Between that, the yelling and the flat out just being rude… yeah the staff needs a lot of work. The Volunteers though… they were awesome!


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