Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland 2010

March 12, 2010

So we finally got the chance to go see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland… or should I say Phantasmagoria. Lewis Carroll wrote a poem before he created Alice in Wonderland. This poem, known as Phantasmagoria, is about the night in which he wrote the novel Alice in Wonderland. In this poem, he is visited by a ghost named Alice. Who tells him a fantastic story about down the rabbit hole…. yeah THIS MOVIE IS NOT THE ALICE IN WONDERLAND YOU ALL KNOW AND LOVE!!  Tim Burton’s version is a very confusing mixture of the book, the animated film and his poem Phantasmagoria.The movie begins with Alice as a younger girl telling her father that she was having nightmares of a strange place, talking animals, and a smiling cat. Of course you never see these dreams. Then it goes on to 13 years later… now this is where the movie gets weird. She travels to Underland (aka the place in Phantasmagoria) after chasing the white rabbit down a hole underneath a tree. Well actually she had run away from this dipshit guy asking her to marry him. Some weird shit happens and the animals of “Underland” begin saying “She is the real Alice” and “She is not the real Alice”. From here you learn that she is destined to kill the Red Queen’s Jabberwock(i) -yes there are 2 Queens,  the Red Queen and the White Queen… also from Phantasmagoria. What happened to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland? Who the hell knows cause she isn’t here folks! From here on out.. the only recognizable characters are the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter or as they call him in the movie “Hatter”. Let me be quite honest… what the hell was Johnny Depp thinking taking this part? He was, to be blunt “fucked up”. Anyways…

The majority of the story from then on out is that Alice (whom at this point isn’t the main character anymore.. Johnny Depp was too important) must get this Vorpal Sword to the White Queen and then kill the Jabberwock. The Red Queen has a huge head by the way.. which is once again also from Phantasmagoria. Patrick likes the Bandersnatch a lot. Yes.. it is cute

Overall Thoughts:

This movie was both good, but yet more so bad. Before seeing this movie.. I honestly had never heard of Phantasmagoria. In fact in the movie theater I was saying to myself “What the Fuck?” throughout all of the film. Finally after it was over my good friend Patrick told me all about this poem/book called Phantasmagoria, then it all MADE SENSE. Honestly.. this movie was bad if you don’t know about Phantasmagoria. If you are truly wanting to see Alice in Wonderland the way it always has been.. stay at home, get comfy in your snuggie, and watch the good ol’ animated film of Alice in Wonderland. Don’t waist your $10.00 to see a movie you will know nothing about.



  1. This movie is ..enormously entertaining…Depp gives a performance that must be seen to be appreciated. He shows here that he is something special.

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