Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood Episode 48

March 14, 2010

As Lan Fan and Ling continue their assault on Gluttony in the dark, Fu appears from the shadows beside Ed and Darius. He and Lan Fan came here after sensing that something was up with some powerful presences, and after nearly getting caught in an explosion from a bomb Lan Fan threw at Gluttony, Ed finds out that she and Fu are carrying several types of bombs. Since the people in the nearby slum are starting to relight their surroundings, Ed realizes that the priority is dealing with Pride and gets Fu’s help.Across the forest, Heinkel has exhausted himself attacking Pride who just keeps getting back up. Unfortunately for Heinkel, some villagers arrive carrying a lamp, giving Pride the shadows he needs to fight back. Before the villagers run away, Pride makes sure to knock the lamp into the nearby bushes to start a fire. He then tries to kill Heinkel, but luckily Ed comes to the Chimera’s rescue. Back in Central, Mustang meets with Madam Christmas who passes him some documents confirming that Selim isn’t human and that Bradley’s official past is all fake. On the street outside, there are several men after Mustang who learn from a source that Madam Christmas is actually his foster mother. Before they can get inside her shop though, it explodes. She and Mustang have already escaped underground, and the two now go separate directions. Mustang makes his way to a room where Hawkeye, Fuery, and Breda are waiting for him. After the group goes over what’s happened with King Bradley and Selim, Mustang tells his men that they have a one-way ticket to the battlefield, and the only order he has for them is to not die.

Ed meanwhile makes heavy use of his automail arm, with its carbon fiber construction, to defend against Pride’s attacks. In response, Pride grabs Al’s armor again to try to make Ed fight his brother, however Ed is ready for this and has Fu use a flashbang. The brightness severs the connection that Pride has with Al’s armor, allowing Darius to grab it and take it away. Having been attracted by the light, Gluttony arrives at Pride’s side, and Ling and Lan Fan join Ed. Realizing that Gluttony has died numerous times now, Pride decides to consume and take over Gluttony’s Philosopher’s Stone to strengthen himself. This grants him Gluttony’s sense of smell, and thanks to it, he notices that Hohenheim is nearby. While all this is going on, back in Central, word has reached Father that Mustang and his men are on the move. Olivier suggests that they will try to capture King Bradley’s wife next, but Father thinks that it’d be pointless. As it turns out though, that’s exactly what Mustang and company are doing.


One comment

  1. Hell yeah, i was waiting the Pride fight ever since the opening came out. I hope they will animate it till the very end. I think there is an incoming 5th opening (maybe 2-3 episodes left till the final showdown), i hope that will kick ass 😀

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