Kobato Episode 23

March 21, 2010

Ever since the nursery closed, Kobato has been sticking to Kiyokazu and trying to help him with whatever he needs. She even tries to get him to have some fun, but Kiyokazu just wants her to leave him alone. Ioryogi is more concerned about Kobato running out of time to gather konpeitou, but Kobato has made up her mind about what she wants. When Kiyokazu questions why she’s so concerned about him, she explains that he’s important to her. They return later to the apartment building, and Kobato receives a flower from the sky, so she tells Kiyokazu that she won’t be able to be with him the following day. He’s glad to hear this, but what he doesn’t realize is that it’s time for Kobato to leave. She departs the next day after saying goodbye to Chitose, and Kiyokazu doesn’t find out until he gets back home that evening.At the park, Ushagi floats down, examines Kobato’s bottle, and shakes its head because the bottle isn’t full. Ioryogi’s pleas fall on deaf ears, but before Ushagi can use its powers on her, Kiyokazu comes running. Since Kobato can’t explain what’s going on to him, Ioryogi finally reveals himself and how Kobato is bound by a contract. He has Kobato remove her hat, showing the crown-like object on her head that signifies that she’s dead. Her soul doesn’t belong to any world, but because of the contract, she was given the chance to be reborn. Kobato, however, chose to spend her remaining time with Kiyokazu rather than to fill the bottle, thereby breaking the contract. Ushagi then reappears and casts a barrier around her, and Kobato explains that she now must disappear. She tells Kiyokazu that she was happy being by his side and reaffirms how important he was to her, and this causes him to tell her not to go. That in turn causes the barrier around her to shatter, and a giant konpeitou emerges from him, filling Kobato’s bottle. Since the contract is now fulfilled, Kobato has to go to that certain place, and she vanishes in front of Kiyokazu after saying goodbye.


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