To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 24

March 23, 2010

Having figured out what’s going on, Mikoto and friends first go save Kiyama because she’s been following a decoy. The children were actually taken to a different location, so Saten, Uiharu, and Mikoto go with Kiyama while Kuroko and Kongou Mitsuko hold off the MAR forces. Mikoto and Kiyama’s car, however, come under attack by Telestina in a giant mechanized armor, and Telestina is prepared for all of Mikoto’s attacks.Motivated by Kiyama’s determination to save her former students, Mikoto uses her powers to stop and break one of the mechanized armor’s arms, and with Kuroko’s help, she fires one of the pieces of debris as her railgun. This destroys the armor, and the girls are free to proceed to the facility where the children had been moved. They eventually find Haruue and the children in an underground level, but before they can do anything, a Capacity Down system activates, and Telestina reappears, this time in just her power suit. Kuroko, Uiharu, and Mikoto are powerless against her, however Telestina doesn’t see Saten, and Uiharu smartly directs Saten to the control room to shut down the Capacity Down system. Mikoto buys time by bringing up how Telestina was a victim of her grandfather’s experiments, and that gets Telestina talking about how she feels she has the right to create a Level 6. Her plan is to use the children and the First Sample to make Haruue into a Level 6, and she doesn’t care if a Poltergeist incident destroys the city in the process. She sees everyone in Academy City as a guinea pig and gets ready to finish Mikoto off, but she’s interrupted by Saten over the announcement system telling her not to touch her friends.

Saten then destroys the Capacity Down system controls, and Kuroko makes quick use of their powers to make Telestina drop the First Sample. Telestina has one more weapon which rivals Mikoto’s railgun, but Mikoto’s determination and her own railgun win out in the end. Using the First Sample now, Kiyama is finally able to finish her program to wake the children safely, and it works. Edasaki and the others soon open their eyes and recognize their teacher, and this success leads to Kiyama thanking Mikoto. In the aftermath, both Kiyama and the children recover in the hospital, and since it’s Kiyama’s birthday, Mikoto comes up with the idea of broadcasting a birthday message from the children to her on the city’s information blimp.


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