Kobato Episode 24

March 27, 2010

After Kobato disappears, Ushagi erases all traces of her from the world, including those in people’s memories. Kiyokazu thus forgets her, but certain things that should remind him of her, like her empty room, triggers something in his memory. Sometime after talking with Sayaka who has decided to restart the nursery, Kiyokazu returns home and finds a konpeitou that had been in his jacket pocket. Staring at it causes all of his memories of Kobato to return, and Kiyokazu doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Nobody else he talks to remembers her, but he eventually thinks to visit Kohaku. Kohaku still retains her memories of Kobato, and she explains that Kobato lost her life a long time ago in an unfortunate incident. Kobato’s wish was to be reborn so that she could be at the side of the person she liked, and to get that wish granted, she undertook the konpeitou trial. Kohaku doesn’t know if Kobato reached where she wanted to go, but she does tell Kiyokazu about how she and Shuuichirou have been separated numerous times over the years, and each time he’s reborn, they are reunited even if he doesn’t remember his previous life because he still has the same soul.

With this in mind, Kiyokazu continues with his life for the next several years. He becomes a lawyer with a small firm and one day gets sent out on an inheritance assignment to the countryside. There he finds an empty house, and in one of the main rooms is a piano. Since he’s kept the konpeitou with him all this time, Kiyokazu decides to sit down and play Kobato’s song, and he recalls all the memories he has of her. After he’s done playing, he hears a girl in the distance singing the same song. That girl looks and sounds just like Kobato, and although she doesn’t recognize Kiyokazu, he remembers what Kohaku told him. Since she’s the client of this assignment, Kiyokazu goes over the inheritance stuff, but he also gives her the konpeitou and asks her to sing again. He plays the piano for her, and while she’s singing, she experiences fragments of her old memories. This tears to form in her eyes, and when a tear falls on the konpeitou, it activates in a bright flash. When the light clears, Kobato recalls how, if she met the person she wanted to be with again, she would smile this time. She then turns to Kiyokazu and shows him a tearful smile, and the two are reunite with an embrace.


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