Anime Review: Da Capo

April 1, 2010

Okay, so it’s one of the most popular harem titles in japan, probably only second to KEY’s big hits. It’s even tiring to try to track the amount of side stories and sequels and doujin productions for this huge title.
But surprisingly despite all the hype this series gains, it totally killed all my expectations. Story:
Okay honestly it started pretty nice.. with all the moe charm points you would find in any harem title. But it isnt really cool when the introduction episodes are cut to half time and u’re forced to watch gravure videos of some of the seiyuus. they could have put more effort into developing the story.
So when the real story actually started honestly thought it would be great. but it disappointed me at every turn. most of the plot is too cliche, too flat, too boring. i couldnt help sighing and hoping it would end sooner in the last 4 episodes.

The only thing commendable is probably the art, which is obviously the inspiration of many of the moe animes out nowadays. this is one of the main reason i watched this anime. everywhere you go in akihabara, you see da capo’s art. it’s that impressive.

I understand that ‘da capo’ is a musical term, so i was expecting some beautiful music. instead, it’s so poor that i had to skip the OP and ED and sigh at all the scenes that were supposed to be touching. it’s disappointing that they didnt work more on the music. as for the seiyuus, the big names are all over the place, so there’s really not much to complain about.

Wow we have so many moe characters. You have your imouto, loli, osananajimi, senpai, and even an esper! What should we do? Decorate them in your bedroom! Yes, that’s very much all there is to the characters in Da Capo. well, some of them have interesting backgrounds and personalities.. but in the anime they’re prematurely developed, and leave much to desire. the characters are like pictures of people without a background. beautifully drawn, but shallow and monotonous.
And the worst character i’ve seen in a very long time is the main male character. each of his scripts make me sigh and wish it would end right there and then. it’s so painful to see that pitiful soul. oh god please strike him with a bolt of lightning.

I started watching this with a lot of expectation, but the result is overwhelming disappointment. I should have been able to finish this in one day, but i couldnt stand watching it straight.. the shortcomings are so terrible it’s depressing.. im not depressed because of the melancholy in the story, but because of the bad story.. sighs..

A good example of animes which dont live up to their popularity and fame. If you’re going to watch this, make sure you’re ready for disappointment


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