Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 52

April 11, 2010

This has got to be among the best Full Metal Alchemist episodes to date. And with more than a hundred episodes on the franchise’s track record, that has to say something! It mostly focused on two fights: the one versus Kimblee and Pride, and the one versus Sloth. Both were awesome in their own ways, full of great twists and turns, making for one hell of a ride. Seriously, I’m getting the same vibes here as when I watched the action scenes of Bounen no Xamdou. What Bones did here is deliver animation with such a force and power. This is exactly what I’m looking for in an action series. And this time, the stories and backgrounds actually did get well developed. While at this point Full Metal Alchemists’s animation still isn’t quite as good as Xamdou, it has far surpassed Xamdou at this time as an action-series for me, due to the plot, characters and setting in this series.

Kimblee’s death (or at least, I think he died) also really surprised me. In the way that Pride kept playing with his victims like a cat, it was a very good reminder that there are plenty of mortals in this series, and this even showed that having a philosopher’s stone doesn’t make you immortal. To contrast, there were also plenty of heart-warming moments during the same fight: three side-characters who I wrote off as being useless in battle really created an awesome escape sequence.

Also, the clone army really proved to be one of the flaws in Father’s plans: having them rampage around is nice enough, but the way in which they fail to recognize either friend or enemy leads to a lot more soldiers changing sides, especially when you’re in front of such a charismatic leader as Olivier. This episode forced a ton of characters to do things they usually would not: Ed also finally ended up using weaponry, the Armstrong Siblings working together.

One point of criticism for this episode was during the Ed’s fight. I mean, the army of closes did go a bit into overkill there, and it wasn’t that well animated anyway, with a lot of clones just being CG dolls. It reminded me a bit of these cheap fantasy series in which teen-aged leads have to battle on hordes of copy/paste zombies. Not to mention that the clones decide to just stand still whenever some major plot twist happens. Really, if I was such a clone, I wouldn’t care about what happened around me. All I would care about would just be these tasty human beings in front of me.



  1. I LOVE how Al is actually stronger than Ed (even without the philosophers stone).

    And yes, the clones never were a great part of the manga. I really jumped out of my chair in joy when they finally left the scene. I was kinda getting a little bored of them. Sloth-battle and upcoming Envy are awesome, though. I actually cried in the next chapters of the manga, and I have no idea why. xD

    Roy is looking kinda mad in the preview. I don’t think he’s gotten over Hughes yet. :/

  2. Without spoiling anything.. ironic that this Pride/Kimblee battle happened this week given what happened in this month’s manga chapter ^^

  3. i doubt the clone army was ever really part of father’s plan, simply a bribe for the military.

    father: “hey if I give you a invincible army and make you all immortal will you do as i say no questions asked?”
    military bigwig: “immortality! invincible army! shit where do we sign?”
    father: “here. morons…”

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