Senkou no Night Raid Episode 2

April 13, 2010

First of all there is of course the cheese, which doesn’t exactly mix well with the mature setting that the series is trying to portray. Here we have an original series about international spies, and the best thing would obviously be if the creators really took their liberties and delivered a series about actual spies: the way they operate and blend into a crowd. But alas, instead we get a supernatural adventure series in which the characters edge more to James Bond than actual spies.But yeah, that doesn’t mean that the series can’t be awesome. And really, the script for this series is excellent when you look at this as a fantasy-series. The writers don’t excel in their research, but rather their imagination. By now it has already shown that background is very important, and so we get to see a ton of flashbacks.

Here’s one of my big issues with this series, though: this feels like a series that has a great script, but not the means to execute it. Because A-1 Pictures has had to handle so many series this season, I already feared this, but they just don’t have enough manpower to make each of their series excel. Ookiku Furikabutte is as well animated as ever, and I’m sure that Working also has no problems in the graphics department, but with Senkou no Night Raid feels to have received the shortest straw here in terms of A-1’s best staff. Because of that, the acting feels a bit shoddy. The lead characters also doesn’t really help when he’s got voice actors who can’t act half of the time, trying to fluently speak three different languages (to the Russian people who happen to visit this site: how bad was his pronunciation this time?). And then there’s the young teleporting-guy, whose voice actor really hams it up pretty badly.

Plus, this show only has 13 episodes, which is probably my biggest issue with the series at this point: with such a short series, will it be able to deliver, or just end up as another spy flick? I’m especially worried due to the “spy of the week”-theme. I may seem strict and nit-picky in this entry, but with a season in which there are a ton of shows that have big potential among big flaws, I really want to be able to pick out the best ones. Night Raid, more than any other series this season, has a setting that screams “take me seriously”, and therefore I’m currently taking it more seriously than if it just pretended to be a fun action-flick where the main point is to kill bad guys.



  1. This was a good episode. Im sad to see that it is only going to be 13 episodes 😦

  2. Senkou no Night Raid is the best!

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