K-ON!! Episode 2

April 14, 2010

After two years of using and abusing the same club room, it’s inevitable that a certain amount of clutter is going to accumulate, and this is certainly the case with the girls of the light music club as their time of hoarding stuff in the store room comes back to haunt them.Thus, it’s clean-up time as this episode begins, although sorting through the detritus of the past couple of years also brings the girls to a fortuitous discovery – An old guitar belonging to their teacher Sawako from her own time as a music club member, and an instrument which she allows the girls to sell to fund the club.

With money on their mind and on their way to sell this guitar, the girls stop off at a home improvement store to look for some shelves to tidy up the clutter of the club room, which is typical K-ON!! style somehow ends up becoming quite the adventure, with almost all of the girls getting far too excited about some element or other of the store – Indeed, Mugi in particular seems enamoured with pretty much everything it has to offer. With that shopping trip done, the guitar is sold, but for a price that stretches beyond the girls wildest dreams. Their hesitation in telling Sawako the true price of the instrument eventually puts paid to their thoughts of impressive riches, but it does at least succeed in bringing Asuza the new club member that she’s been longing for.

Really, this series being what it is it’s a little difficult to know what to say about this second episode of K-ON!! – It’s simply more of the same harmless, frivolous yet vaguely fun and entertaining slice-of-life shenanigans that we’re used to. While things don’t feel as fresh as the first season, and this episode certainly didn’t make me chuckle quite as much as the last, it remains enjoyable to watch and impeccably animated – The perfect anime to put your feet up and de-stress to at the end of the day. K-ON!! is undemanding stuff, and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.



  1. Another empty yet entertaining episode. It’s so like Mugi to have a full serving set. Mio’s as easily embarrassed as always. I kinda wanted to see Sawa-chan-sensei shred with her guitar, though Ritsu eating that paper was perfect too. Yui’s “buhi buhi” was cute.

  2. A hamburger that is obviously too big for Yui’s mouth……a playtime with drill…assuming Yui has absolutely no idea about it and the money slap? It looks like it but I am sure that is not the intention and a turtle? Hope he does not die since whoever will take care of it that reflect from.

  3. Another good episode, Yui i tell you, shes something special in a weird way XD
    As for myself i cant eat a hamburger that size!!

  4. Honestly,I loved the part where Ritsu ate the receipt. XD Yay for Ton-chan?xD

  5. This was a solid Ritsu-moe episode. So much awesome Ritsu!

    It’s amazing this anime still manages to bring a smile to my face while watching it, despite its same-old moe formula. It’s just …t-too cute.

  6. Man, I love this show. -3-
    Couldn’t stop smiling the whole time, and was laughing every 3 seconds. It’s too cute.

  7. Very solid episode filled with moe and laughter as always =}

    Greed gripped their hearts though and they even tried to scam their lovingly teacher, shame on you girls 😉
    Extremely generous of Sawako to give them the money in the end though, even after the dubious act of trying to hide it from her at first.

    And Yui dreaming of being slapped in the face with money by her younger sister, just awesome, though that thought quickly developed to something more in my mind (^.^)

  8. Muuuggiii <333333
    So much Mugi-chan in this episode. xD
    She was cute at the store!!

  9. This show is so funny yet retarded at the saame time, thats why i love it xD

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