Kimiko Anime’s Mascot has Arrived!

April 14, 2010

She’s cute, she’s magical, she’s Kimiko Anime’s Mascot! This charming young lady is Ichigo Dengeki, a 14 year old magical girl with a taste for adventure. Along side her is the ever powerful kitty sidekick Michi. Ichigo and Michi were created by Laura-sama and Miyu as a symbol for Kimiko Anime from now until the end. Ichigo is also the star of their ongoing manga called Dengeki Daioh: Strawberry Jam. I hope everyone will learn to love her just as we do. So please welcome Ichigo Dengeki to the Kimiko Anime Family!



  1. She’s so cute ❤

  2. AW I love Ichigo 😀
    She and Michi are both very cute. Are you ever going to post your manga here on the site for us?

    • We might post it Kristy. We are still working on the first chapters to make sure they are completely done before we post them. We will let you know more if you are interested in the manga.

  3. Great job Laura and Miyu! She looks amazing and cute at that ❤

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