Mayoi Neko Overrun Episode 2

April 14, 2010

To the episode’s credit, I did enjoy seeing more of Nozomi and how she’s soft-spoken, naive, yet incredibly smart and talented at the same time, plus the initial workings of a love triangle between her, Fumino, and Takumi. That was one area that showed a bit of promise, even though it’s highly unlikely relationships will get anywhere in a harem-esque series such as this. At only twelve episodes long, it risks falling to mindless levels), which is one of the reasons why I felt it was difficult to recommend back in the Spring 2010 Preview. Still, as a patient viewer who’s not expecting too much depth to being with, I have no problems sticking around in hopes of improvement. All I really want is some entertainment value, which shouldn’t be too difficult if the episodes don’t try do too much at time. With that said, here’s to hoping that the next episode will be better, as I like the quirky characters and feel this series has potential to better than it has been thus far.

Well, on the downside (or upside depending on what you expected), this was more or less the exact same as the first episode, although far far less visually ambitious. That did mean that its budgetary shortcomings were a lot less noticeable too, but most of those little stylistic quirks and whatnot have already vanished completely. The first half was more or less completely braindead, but things were a lot better in the second. I still despise whose-his-face in glasses, but he does work well with Chise. Horie Yui also remains a cypher, popping up out of nowhere to grope Fumino or declare that Nozomi has a God Hand and then disappearing again.



  1. I feel a little underwhelmed with this episode. I thought the news report was pretty hilarious though……that poor girl and even the moon being blown away.

    • Yeah lol there is a lot of fan service in this anime. Chise indeed had a lot of stupid things happen to her this time lol

  2. Great episode loved it! Serizawa and Chise are really growing on me fast. They are cute and a little tsundere although I would think Serizawa is much more.

  3. This was a cute episode, and the jokes and dialog were fun, but gawd – the character animation is falling off a cliff really fast in this series. In some of the later scenes it looked as if someone brought in their cat to do the faces.

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