Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 53

April 18, 2010

Wow, what an episode. Roy is back in the spotlight, and immediately steals it again. The action-scenes around him were just awesome… but yet somewhat scary.  The animation, the way that Envy kept playing dirty and screwing up, it all worked wonderfully, not to mention that it was an exceptionally emotionally charged fight as we finally see him get the chance to avenge Hughes’ death.

And even though Mustang was incredibly powerful, it’s not like he god-moded himself through the fight as well: the creators made sure to not make this into just a one-sided bashfest due to that twist at the end of the episode: Mustang not taking into consideration that Envy could also change into Hawkeye. While not Darker than Black, this is another series in which being the strongest doesn’t necessarily mean being able to win every fight, and it does so without overdoing it by having weaklings win against incredible odds. Of course, this was a bit of a cliched cliff-hanger: the fact that we do not see Envy shoot means that he’s either going to miss, or just not shoot at all due to something (either Roy or the real Hawkeye) getting in his way.

And aside from the action, I also love those tiny details that are in the non-action parts of the show, like how during the broadcast, some of the guys had trouble holding in their laughs as they played around with the military on the phone. At this point, they really have nothing to lose, so they can really take such a risk of hacking into radio broadcasts, in order to gather up as many allies as possible.

One small bit of criticism here is the following: the past few episodes have really focused on a select amount of characters. I also would have liked what the characters who weren’t in the spotlights were doing. Not much, of course, just a few shots of were they were in each episode. For example, Hohenheim still is walking around somewhere, but we have no idea where that is. I actually think that it would make the series more complete if we occasionally got a small update on what guys like him, Al and also characters like Izumi and Father were up to.



  1. Roy is going mad!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I feel sympathy for Envy, though? Poor shrimp.

  2. When Envy transformed into Hughes, right after he ran towards Mustang, Mustang had the scariest looking face I’ve seen in the series. Kinda reminded me of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. O_o

    • True that Kristy! The picture for this post alone shows the madness within lol

  3. The past 3 episodes have done nothing but make me more and more excited about this show. I can’t believe we still have 10 more episodes of this AWESOMENESS!!

  4. That was awesome. I loved it when he burned his tongue while Envy was trying to go on a speech. And bonus points to burning eyeballs.

  5. The twist is actually better than you think.

    But I will say this episode isn’t so much about the fight itself and more about what this is doing to Roy.

  6. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the best!!

    • No DUH! lol jk chino. Im really looking forward to the next episode! I want more insane Roy!!! *drools*

  7. Roy is soo Hot and soo is Edward!!! *drools* Roy looks soo scary in that episode.. i was like holy crap..scary…O.O

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