Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 3

April 19, 2010

In this episode, Kou settles into his new life, and faces two important challenges. There isn’t much to say about this episode, except that it was Hoshi’s first real opportunity to take the spotlight. Although he had been seen in the last episode, and it was already clear that he was among those upset that Recruit was making time with Nino, he really didn’t have any lines.Aside from his encounter with Hoshi, Recruit has a surprisingly difficult time asking Nino out on a date. At first his attempts seem destined to fail as he chooses to woo her in an expensive suit and a fancy car. Fortunately he eventually finds a more appropriate way to spend time with her, thus proving he is learning … slowly.

Much like Bakemonogatari and Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, this episode has tons of visual “noise” splattered through it, making the art direction as zany as the story itself. Other than that the art is bright and vibrant, making the world under the bridge look more like heaven than a polluted cesspool. However, unlike Zetsubo Sensei, it has a bit of a romantic subplot, under the insanity that exists on the surface. This is truly seen in the episode.



  1. I felt, tempo of this episode,became kind of slow
    and… ah… they skipped episode of sleep-walking, this is doubtlessly bad…

  2. Did anyone watch after the ending? Lol at the Mayors amazing illusion trick.

    • YES! ROFL! The characters in this anime are just freakin hillarious. Hoshi is too but in a way sortof creepy!

  3. Great episode! Nino looked so cute in her dress :3

  4. Im loving the love rivalry going on here! 😛

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