Anime Review- Spice and Wolf

April 20, 2010

When I first came across this anime, I didn’t really think that a story set on a traveling merchant and a ‘wolf girl’ would be anywhere near interesting. But after reading comments and reviews of what people had to say about it, I gave it a go. When i started watching, it was true there is a ton of dialog you have to deal with with not much action. But i never really once thought of it as boring throughout the entire season. The two protagonists always seem to have a interesting conversation.Story 10/10
The peddler Lawrence Craft travels through the world selling all kinds of things. After visiting a village he discovers a sleeping girl under the hay in his cart. She has wolf ears and a tail. The wolf girl explains that she has been called a “God” but her name really is Holo and nothing else. Lawrence teases the girl a little, but after hearing more of her story is moved and decides to accompany her further north. On their travels the two have all sorts of adventures & often get into trouble but slowly the bond between them grows stronger. As for myself while reading the summary, it didn’t sound all that great. But once I started watching the anime, wow it was fabulous.

Art 10/10
Never once have I had a headache with the art throughout the entire season. So not a sore eye here 🙂

Sound 9/10
The ops and eds are well suited for S&W
Character 9/10
There is a lot of character development and the you can really see how intelligent the main characters are. (This may be a small spoiler so sorry in advance) Though i thought the characters were fantastic, I am interested in Holo’s past. Not much is covered about where she came from and it does make me curious.

Enjoyment 10/10
I finished it in one day, need I say more? 🙂

Overall 10/10
Some people, such as myself would describe S&W as a masterpiece. If you can deal with dialogs about economics, romance, and such I suggest you do try this one out



  1. OOh I will have to go watch this. The wolf girl looks so cute!!!!

  2. This seems like a really cute anime. Thanks for the review! I will have to go watch it sometime!

  3. Niice a Spice and Wolf review!! I’ll try and avoid going into fanboy mode because this anime turned out to be my best watch ever! In my opinion. Medieval times with a focus on mercantile like open market, coin values, trading and haggling just can’t go wrong. And this anime executed it very well.

  4. This anime kinda creeped me out lol. It was alright but I didnt go on to see Season 2.

  5. So at the end of this Does Horo want Lawrence to say he loves her? The ending in Ep 13 (after the bell) and in an early episode, it almost seems like she wants Law. to say he loves her. I believe she even said something earlier about saying “something” to a person, even if it were a lie, to make that person feel better.

  6. Im going to have to check this one out. Thanks Laura 😀

  7. I would like to say, nice webpage. Im not sure if it has been addressed, however when using Firefox I can never get the entire page to load without refreshing alot of times. Could just be my modem. Appreciate your work

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