Senkou no Night Raid Episode 3

April 20, 2010

For me this was the episode that sold me on this series. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but the characters have some kind of strange charm that even Sora no Oto did not have. I felt like this episode treated the characters seriously and like adults, giving them the time to shine without overdoing it. The acting also felt much better.What I also liked was how this episode showed that the powers of the characters aren’t exactly special: in this episode we meet someone with the exact same powers as Kazura. On top of that, while the series may be episodic, there are a ton of threads that keep it together, most notably Yukina’s brother.

As for the combat: I was very pleased with how this episode handled it. One one hand you’d wonder what happened to the police, but the scenario of the fight itself was very nice, balancing the stealth, bomb disposal, child rescue and gunfights with each other. It all stayed nicely down to earth instead of going over the top, and I appreciate that.

This is a bit of a strange series though. On one hand it’s very down to earth, but on the other I’m also questioning why the bomb guy used such elaborate means to just contact Yukina. Didn’t he know where she was or something? And even then why would bombing a building guarantee her arrival?



  1. Very nice blog you guys have here. I put you on my follow list. This was a pretty good episode here, lots of action in it and good to see Kazura using his ability^^ That mysterious that grabs Yukina sure isn’t an opponent to take lightly 🙂 I love the way Aoi fights, but it’ a shame that the enemy got away.

    • Thanks Panda we appreciate it! Hope to see you around 😀

  2. I really enjoyed this episode, also, it seemed like the animation quality went back up…less still frames and distant shots this time. Maybe they saved last week’s budget for this week’s fight scenes?

  3. I think everything else this season is getting subbed at a decent enough pace except for this and Rainbow. But with Night Raid, it’s just ridiculous. The 3rd raw is already out and the 2nd one hasn’t even been subbed yet.

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