Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode 3

April 21, 2010

This series has been a real surprise in terms of the way the emotions of the characters are being portrayed and brought out. This episode reinforces once again on why I chose this show because it’s very fun, and you do not have to think too hard to get the hang of the plot. This heartwarming quality makes the series stand out amongst others of the same genre, so I think this could be a sleeper hit by the end of its run.Loved the dishonesty of Fumino, which makes things all the more interesting because even if it’s her fault, she’ll take it out on Takumi. Poor guy. XD She actually panics and confesses to Takumi, which leaves him wondering if what she said is true (love, or hate?). More punishment for him, in a way. For Nozomi, her deadpan responses and bluntness is just win. At times, even if it wasn’t meant to be funny, you might find yourself inexplicably laughing. I think this episode’s events could be a catalyst for her to start liking Takumi. Takumi seems to be, on the romantic side, like most protagonists are, dense to the feelings of the girls around him. However, he is not entirely spineless and actually does something, especially during a crisis.
The weather in the beginning sure made it interesting between Takumi and Nozomi until Serizawa barged in. So Serizawa is afaraid of lighting……that’s a cute girl featuture to a girl…she clings to you every lighitng storm days when you are alone with her…Holy crap! Serizawa confessed already to Takumi in this episode…O_O that was fast but I liked her Tsundere mode within that part. Nice flashbacks.
Plot-wise, it’s not going to be something you’d want (for most people anyway; it’s all PLOT PLOT PLOT or CRAP CRAP CRAP), so some people might just shoot off whatever criticism they have about the series on a whole.
I still think the best has yet to come, but this episode is pretty close to it. Definitely continuing.



  1. Agreed! There is no real pacing in the novels either. It’s a fucking harem with cats and a fat tsundere Saten..don’t ask for miracles, just ask for entertainment..which it is. I’d have to say this is one of the more entertaining shows this season on just the fun factor.

    • Yes it did feel a bit wierd after reading the manga. But yeah this is the type of show where you shouldn’t mind anything from the book and just watch it for entertainment.

  2. This episode was… I just can’t sum it up in words how I felt. I was baffled by how bad it was that I’m not even angry. Most of the time I was just face palming and laughing at everything that took place.

  3. Awww, what a heart-warming episode..
    Liked the episode. And I’m liking Fumino. I love how Takumi’s a good guy, not a useless one which is usual in a harem. That was some good comfort. Good thing Nozomi came back 🙂

  4. I find the art very inconsistent . Great at times bad at times.
    Heartwarming episode 😀 ~ Tatami !!

  5. Wow Miyu…
    This actually made me laugh at a few scenes. Not in a good way though.

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