Anime Review- Nodame Cantabile

April 23, 2010

A slice of life, romantic comedy at heart…but this series does so much more than what other series in this genre strive to be. An immensely popular series in Japan, this music anime is a must watch for everyone, even those uninterested in this genre or musical animes.Story: From the start, this series sucks you in with it’s simple yet deep story with intriguing characters and nice touches of comedy. The comedic aspect of this series never seems to be forced or out of place, but complements the story and characters amazingly well. Too many animes nowadays spoon feed you the comedy when it’s unnecessary to it’s demise, but Nodame Cantabile has the right amount of comedy all at the right places. When it’s serious, you are touched emotionally and when it’s funny, you are literally LOL’ing. The story is simple…about 2 utterly opposite kinds of music students who meet eachother and how their relationship evolves. Through the ups and downs, you are always hooked and invested emotionally in this series and are always cheering for the characters. Sometimes simple is the best. A whimsical, relatable series which does not disappoint at all.

Art: To be honest, the art is nothing special…at least for the 1st season. That’s not to say it’s not well drawn. The characters are all nicely drawn and the environment while simple, gets the mood across. By today’s standards, this anime is average. However, the emphasis they place on the accurate depictions of the musical instruments is amazing. In the 2nd season, when they show the musicians playing their instruments, the movements that they make are life like. The animations of the characters playing the piano are fully fledged out in most cases and it is awe inspiring to see that they put so much work into these parts.

Sound: Amazing! Many music anime fail to actually implement music into their anime to its full potential. But Nodame Cantabile does…and does so beautifully. Even if you’re not a classical music fan, this anime will turn you into one. The scenes with the music are nicely done to immerse you into the moment. People who play instruments will particularly enjoy this and inspire you. The voice acting is top notch as well as there are some famous actors that voice the main characters.

Characters: What differentiates a truly great anime from the average anime are the characters. This is even more true for slice of life animes, for the characters are what drives the scenes and the whole series. I find many animes nowadays to just be fan service and utterly lacking in character originality and development. Not the case for Nodame Cantabile. From the beginning you find yourself caring and wondering more and more about the 2 lead characters Chiaki and Nodame. Both are flawed, immature, naive characters…yet there is something admirable about them that makes you care. The development of these two are nicely paced and never seem unnatural. Never before in a series have I found myself wanting these two to be together as a couple. Chiaki is a strong lead character…Nodame likewise is a very interesting, strong character. Neither is the stereotypical “damsel in distress” kind of character where one saves the other..both are solid leads coping with their own issues and trying to get through life. The relationship between them is a give and take, with both contributing an equal amount to their development.
Perhaps one downside are the supporting characters. In this series, they aren’t fleshed out as much as your would like them to be. The other characters’ developments and relationships don’t really matter much, and while they are likable…in the end they don’t really matter. The supporting characters are exactly what they are meant to be…just support Chiaki and Nodame’s story.

Overall, a great anime and a must watch for everyone. The relationship between Chiaki and Nodame is very refreshing. If you really hate classicial music, then perhaps some scenes might seen a little too drawn out.



  1. One of the main draws i got was that I felt the believability of the characters. You will not find a perfect guy surrounded by other perfect people with wild personalities.

  2. This sounds like a cute anime. Im going to have to watch it sometime. Im a huge music fan and it sounds like something id like. Thanks Starfire!

  3. Wait, when did Hinata try to MOLEST anyone?
    He was being the straight man to her comedy.

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