House of Five Leaves Episode 2

April 23, 2010

To those who were turned off by the character-designs, or found them ugly: what do you consider to be great character-designs? Personally I love the character-designs of this series; I’m a big fan of series that have their own visual identity, rather than staying with the same tried and true moe-based art style. The character-designs here are all unique despite the fact that it isn’t the first series set in its time-period. In any case, this was a wonderful episode that did an excellent job in fleshing out the characters. This is one of those series that really makes the cast come alive. While it was a typical episode that showed the lead character as he tried to decide whether or not he should join group X (in this case, five leaves), but the key with those kinds of episodes is to really show the thought-process that these characters go through, rather than stretch for time. While we see Masa pondering about what to do, you see people trying to influence him from all sides, and check him out. Especially Ume is interesting with his doubts. And even outside of this, Masa’s reactions to everything around him are really well characterized.

The use of music also was pretty interesting, especially that tune that was played as Ume walked around with that body. The pacing was slow but yet the soundtrack was fast-paced. It overall has a great use of sound effects and music, with a lot of variety in them. It’s great to see such a slice-of-life so well executed, and there’s quite a bit of subtle wit in the dialogue.



  1. Honestly man, for me the ugly-ness of this show is just the huge/pointy noses. The designs would be fine without them. And sometimes the woman looks kind of man-ish too.

    • In a way thought the huge noses have been seen in a lot of anime that are popular i.e One Piece. I can see what you mean though, the characters probably would be better. As for the woman.. have you ever seen a Miyazaki film? xD Like all the woman in his films look pretty much more like men. That doesn’t make them bad though does it?

      • True that lol! Miyazaki’s women do look like men most of the time. This anime is not that bad I would say it just needs some work.

  2. Once again Funimation is on top of it. Not really sure what to say about the episode since it was rather uneventful (basically all setup). I suppose I’m mostly worried that the series might get axed before it gets to go anywhere, since episodes like this seem unlikely to boots its already struggling ratings.

  3. I know the character designs aren’t what you typically get in anime these days, but I find that refreshing. This is probably my favorite anime so far this season. =P

    • I would have to agree. It is nice to have a different design style for once. I’m actually quite enjoying this series as well.

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