Angel Beats! Episode 4

April 24, 2010

After the last episode of Angel Beats! brought us some interest twists to its particular tale, you’d be forgiven for expecting more along the same lines as we enter episode four. What we get instead, however, is baseball.
Aside from Yui’s audition to take over Iwasawa’s spot as singer and guitarist of Girls Dead Monster, the real focus of the episode is Yuri’s latest plan to enter some guerilla teams within the school baseball tournament, in the hope of using it as an exercise to beat Angel at something fair and square.From here, we follow Hinata as he tries to put together a team, discovering that you don’t in fact always know who your friends are before ending up with a rag-tag assortment of some of the more… shall we say “unhinged” members of the SSS. The whole baseball tournament also seems to tie into Hinata’s biggest regret from his life… but does that mean he’s going to disappear just like Iwasawa if his team wins the tournament?

Considering the relative depth of the last episode, this particular instalment of Angel Beats! feels oddly shallow along those lines, and even a little odd in places as it seems to have simply been taken as read that Iwasawa disappeared because she made peace with the personal issues from her life – Surely if they’ve figured this out now then why are they still fighting against Angel? I suppose you could argue (and this episode hints at) being scared of effectively dying and facing the unknown again, but Hinata’s case he seems to want to move on, so why carry on fighting the system?

Although this episode did little to enhance the overall story of the show, it was at least entertaining and actually downright funny in places – Yui’s “death metal” audition amused me, although not as much as Otonashi and Noda’s on-field rivalry, while some of the other jokes almost felt lifted straight out of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (which is arguably more surprising than it is bad). Certainly, Angel Beats! is doing quite a good job of wringing humour out of the character’s ability to feel pain but not die, but all in all this felt almost a little like a filler episode after the more interesting moments of the previous instalment – With so much mystery still surrounding the show in which this world resides, I hope we get back to that side of things over cheap laughs and brief yet uninteresting character flashbacks sooner rather than later.



  1. Good Eps. Though they need to add more TK, Yusa, and Tenshi in it. 🙂
    I found Yui to be cute in the Ep.
    Hinata nearly vanished at the end; didn’t actually expect Yui to save-the-day so to speak.

  2. Death metal, Broom and everything were rather funny. Well, they could spend more time on drama instead of comedy, but that problem lies in another department… Again… Short series suck…

    And the ending was good too. I thought they are going to “kill” one of them each episode. And then, Hinata survived and that idiot found her use

  3. I feel like Angel Beats! is trying to cram every anime element into a single show – even filler – and doing a decent job of it.

    Yuri even has a typical female supervillian laugh moment!

    This episode is like a giant parody.

    • I’m used of Slice of Life anime so have seen it before so doesn’t bother much. The plot is about after life so anything can happend.

  4. i’m guessing that the characters being put in situations where their regrets can be cleared were not coincidences.

    • Of course it’s no coincidence, that was clear from the end of episode 3 already.
      This is also why I didn’t like this episode at all, because the comedy wasn’t funny and everything we ‘learned’ was clear already…

      And yeah, the baseball story wasn’t as forced, but come on…not catching a ball was the biggest regret in his life?! How about starting drugs and dying young?!

  5. I was highly amused… although I’m not sure what the point of the episode was. Felt like filler. I wanted to see more Tenshi action… does it count if you slice the ball in half?

  6. This episode is a stark contrast to the previous episode. Last episode was animated well with passion and the story of Iwasawa pulled my heart strings. This episode was less inspired. Hinata’s story was good until they pulled off a goofy ending. And as psgels have posted the baseball match was just montage.

  7. I think this ep was rather rushed. And it’s not surprising… So, yes, baseball was no good. But what’s wrong with the comedy?

  8. Hmmm not sure what to think of this episode. The best part had to be the OP change for this episode. I think they tried too hard on the comedy and not enough on the drama and it ended up with a very awkward and poorly executed combination. Hopefully there will be less Yui. The first few instances with Hinata was amusing but then got old.

    • Well, that was kinda unexpected. I agree it felt like a filler, but it wasn’t that bad. The OP and how it was embedded into the episode was beyond awesome, also nice variation on the ED pic.

      Yui and Shiina are my favourite characters. Definitely 😀

  9. Wait, when did Hinata try to MOLEST anyone?
    He was being the straight man to her comedy.

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