Anime Review- Red Garden

April 24, 2010

I usually refrain from writing reviews, but I feel this is an underrated anime, which doesn’t get the amount of publicity that it should. Today was my birthday and I happened to receive this DVD collection from one of my friends. It is also been a while since I watched this anime, so it is nice to finally be able to watch it again. As for this review, I’ll try to remember certain aspects of the anime worth mentioning.

Story: It centers around four girls, who all go to Roosevelt Academy in New York and all four girls have very little common with each other except they were all friends with a girl called Lise, who is now dead. They also realise that they can’t remember the day before, which was the day Lise died and also the day they died. The series continues how they deal with this and other problems which arise from their new found undead-ness.

What I liked about Red Garden in particular and I think which made it all the difference is that it was set in New York. The main cast was nearly all female, and there was something feminist about it, in my opinion, they weren’t looking for a male to solve all their problems or save them or whatever else, they got on with it.

But to be completely honest, I didn’t really like the story, it was interesting up to a certain point, but after a while I just didn’t care, especially since they rushed at the end with the last four episodes.

Art: I loved the art! It suited the anime really well. It was unusual and not typically manga style, no big eyes, tiny nose or nose and it had a sort of American comic-ness about it, which I liked. I also liked the change in outfits between episodes, since I like fashion and it was nice to look at, although at times questionable….
The setting were drawn very well, giving it a feel that it was really taking place in New York. I was in New York once, four years ago for a couple of days and I felt, especially if the animators themselves have never been in New York.

Sound: The opening and ending suited the anime unlike some others *cough*Satashi Kon*cough*. The music was nice, nothing all too memorable, but nice. The only thing that really irked me was the break out in song by the characters, I hope the seiyuus don’t ever think about embarking in singing careers.

Character: I stated beforehand how the story didn’t really intrigue me, what made me want to watch this show is the character development. The girls were realistic, you felt that you may have known people like them back when you were in school ( or if you’re still in school.) They didn’t just agree with what was happening with them and each of them deal with their problems each in their personal way, nor was becoming friends an easy thing for them and they didn’t already isolate their existing friends (when people get super powers they seem to like doing that). The other minor characters were also fleshed out, but not as much as they could be and could have been developed earlier in the show.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed watching this anime, and like I said the character development really made it for me and all the trials and tribulations I went through.

Overall: All in all, a series with a drawing style I really liked and wonderful character style, but a story which I didn’t find all that intriguing (this really is completely personal taste, the story was not weak just not of my taste.) I think you should give it a try, although people may say it’s a shoujo anime, but I think the way they executed it make it accessible for both men and women. So give it a try, alone for the character development and in my opinion a lovely and different art style.



  1. Happy Birthday Mike!!!!
    I used to love this anime. You should like send it to me when you are done lol

  2. Happy B-day Man! Grats on getting an anime you like.

    Red Garden hmm? I’ve never heard of it. I will have to watch it with you through the webcam lulz

  4. Yo Simon happy birthday!

  5. happy birf-day yay’s idk what else to say but nice to meet you 😀 mike

    • Thanks Pugz and welcome to the team 😀

      • thanks 😀 i feel welcomed

  6. Truth be told I was having a hard time understanding the plot. At first, I thought it was too complex, but then again, not really. Everything was pretty much explained during the last episodes, except for the butterflies. I think “weird” is a more fitting word to describe the story of Red Garden.

    p.s Happy Birthday 😛

  7. Thanks for the great insight on that, never really thought about it. bookmarked your site! honeywell hw-628 enviracaire twin window fan

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