Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 54

April 25, 2010

With this episode we now know why Envy got to be Envy. It’s again in the way he was created, however his desires go quite a bit deeper than with the other homunculi. For example for Gluttony and Sloth their personalities pretty much are defined by their name. Also Greed and Pride often remind us of what they’re called. I don’t actually get why Lust was called Lust to be honest, and Wrath seems to be excellent in hiding his wrath. Envy is different from all of them, though: alone he’s probably the weakest of all the homunculus, and instead needs a ton of human lives to actually be competent. The death of Envy also closed off a chapter for Roy, who at that point had lost sight of his original goals. Now, I wonder to what kind of character-development that’s going to lead.

And as if this episode didn’t kick ass enough with the Armstrongs shining during the second half of the episode, there’s also the next episode, which will focus on something that I’ve been looking forward to for ages: Father versus Hohenheim. Bones, please continue to give more all of your future series the same kind of treatment that you’ve given FMA. Isn’t this so much better than just curring off potentially awesome stories after just 26 episodes?

This show… just continues to get better doesn’t it? This yet again was an awesome episode, not to mention that it was also quite a sad one. It’s been a while since this series was this good at the drama-department, and that promises a lot of the rest of the finale.


  1. You saying Roy lost sight of his original goals made my day 😀

    It’s so true….but this was a great episode showing that. Makes me sad over Hughes all over again though.

  2. I dont believe but i pity Envi.
    And i like see teacher in Central.
    But she just play in hand to Homunculus.

  3. Wow, I actually teared up at Envy’s suicide. BONES did a really good job at making it poignant, considering the fact that he was the biggest bastard in this entire series.

    • True that! That was by far in a strange way the saddest moment in Brotherhood besides Hughes.

  4. I’ve been waiting so long for this. Hohenheim vs. Father is definitely awesome, but what I am looking forward to is going to be another character who is coming back the episode after that 😀

  5. Pure win. Epic. Man this episode was so cool, it made it feel so short. Another Homunculus down (or 2 down?).

    The climax is coming so close, it’s making me sad 😛

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