Ho-kago Tea Time: New K-ON!! Singles Release

April 25, 2010

It is official now that K-ON!!’s opening and ending themes have gained quick single releases. Ho-kago Tea Time is a collection of the two songs both solo and instrumental. It’s no surprise that K-ON!! has turned into a real marketing franchise in the name of anime. Due to it’s popularity, K-ON!! singles have risen up in the ratings for japanese musical singles. If nothing else, these two singles are further proof that K-ON! shows little sign of disappearing.  Ho-kago Tea Time produces catchy tunes that anyone can get stuck in their head.

Go! Go! Maniac is the opening track from season two K-ON!! Compared to the opener for the original series, it has to be said that Go! Go! Maniac simply isn’t as grand, although its title is certainly good for the manic speed-up tune and lyrics that it deploys. The trouble is, this particular tune actually sounds even worse as a full four minute single, as it loses any of its TV sized charm when extended over such a long period. It is admittedly catchy as all Hell, but it’s easily one of the weakest major tunes to come from the franchise thus far.

Oddly then, the real news here is that the single’s B-side is much, much better – Yes, Genius…!? doesn’t have the energy of its A-side, but it’s a far better constructed tune that also manages to work pretty well with the young star Yui’s vocals. Quite frankly, I can’t help but think that this should have been the opening theme of the second season rather than the quirky at best Go! Go! Maniac.

Needless to say, tracks three and four take in instrumental versions of these two songs, and to be fair Go! Go! Maniac is slightly improved when torn of its lyrics – if you can somehow flush Yui’s voice out of your head while listening to it. Conversely, Genius…!? sounds better in its entirety, although at least as a tune it’s more suited to singing along to if you’re so inclined, sounding as it does almost a little too simplistic as an instrumental as its flaws are revealed.

The second tract to come out is Listen!!, the beautifully animated and nice speed closing single for K-ON!!. It might not capture your attention immediately musically in quite the same fashion as Don’t Say Lazy from season 1 singles release, but it’s still a great song and perfectly built to work as a full-sized track as well as a TV-sized sound bite. So it goes that the song as a whole works excellently. Listen!! is fast-paced, compelling and a great slice of well-crafted pop rock.

In terms of its B-side however, Listen!! is basically a polar opposite of Go! Go! Maniac, with its second track Our MAGIC. It’s overly synthesized, and it’s generic to the point of being very boring. It’s light and fluffy, but not in the same kind of way that makes so much of this show’s music so enjoyable to listen to. Once again, tracks three and four consist of  the instrumental versions of the two songs.



  1. Ive been looking forward to DL this :3

  2. Mio has such a great voice. I ❤ Her!!!

    • I kno huh! Mio’s voice is just so unique and it certainly makes her sound more mature and older. I ❤ Mio too Kristy!

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