XXXHolic Rou OVA Episode 1

April 27, 2010


We begin by receiving  an XXXHolic time-skip to who knows how many years, in which A TON has happened. Yuko is dead, and Watanuki has now taken her place. This episode asked a whole tidal wave of new questions: what the heck happened to Yuuko? What caused her to come back? Why did Doumeki’s name change? Why does it seem that Watanuki can’t leave the shop? These are only a few of the universe of questions you have after seeing this…Even for xxxHolic’s standards, this episode was dark. Watanuki has changed a lot. The visual comedy around him and Doumeki is completely gone now. Instead, the jabs he takes to Watanuki are short and subtle. As you may also have noticed from the picture… he is somewhat shall I say… Sexy O.o???!

Also, this episode never left the shop: everything we see is from Watanuki’s perspective, who somehow doesn’t leave the shop. Doumeki also lost the wise-cracking part of him: he now really doesn’t fool with Watanuki anymore. He’s actually graduated university at this point.

I guess this episode was all about Yuuko’s… rebirth or something, but what got to me the most was that phone-call at the end of this episode. After all that build-up! After all that time that was spent on the relationship between Watanuki and Himawari to make them like the perfect couple… she actually ended up marrying someone different and the two have grown apart!

I must say, Clamp: you did it again. This episode really was amazing in its character-development. It’s such a stark contrast from what xxxHolic used to be. Including the time-skip was a brilliant idea.



  1. Why did they skip a *large* part of the manga?!!!!

  2. I really really liked the way Watanuki and Doumeki have matured, but it actually really sucks in my opinion that Himawari didn’t end up with him… They spent too much time building up their relationship. I wouldn’t call them the perfect couple at all, but rather a couple that overcame some huge obstacles that were in the way to them ever getting together. I wouldn’t mind leaving it open-ended, so we never know whether they do or not, but just precluding the possibility sucks in my opinion. Perhaps that’s because I’m a sap at heart, and a hopeless romantic.

    • Actually they are together in the manga …

  3. Where can I watch this? I really would love to see it. Watanuki looks like da bomb man hes not all limpy like usual!

  4. From what i read in the manga issue, it truly is pretty dark and a bit out of left field. I guess it is kinda sad as well that Himawari married someone else. but then as i saw in the manga, I think Watanuki may actually have fallen for Yuuko. And she definetely has a past. I don’t feel Yuuko is dead nor does Watanuki, i believe. she is just gone for not quite known reason’s. Watanuki has promised Yuuko before she was taken ( at least in his ( what i think was a dream – sort of ). So Watanuki’s last panicked word’s were that he would wait for her no matter how long it takes. I’m glad CLAMP has continued on with the series, but that’s just me. If something is good i don’t want it to end. Even it’s the best thing to do.

  5. I’m not suprised that Himawari and Watanuki didn’t end up together.
    10 years is a long time, and the series developed over it seemed like MAYBE a year and a half.

    Yes, they spent a lot of time together – but there was NEVER any progression that would suggest -actual- romance between the two. Any touching moments were between friends not lovers.

    Plus, Watanuki’s who existance became about waiting for Yuuko to return. Which means no room for one woman when pining with your whole essence for another.

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